Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Wilcume to Camelot

Wilcume to Camelot.  Come forth weary warrior of pain and enter through the gates to a place of refuge and peace.  Let me take your armour that you so proudly wear, to protect yourself from the world, whilst the pain stifles your breath.  Fear not my friend; let your fear be placed in this chest of golde as you enter this mystical place, which is ruled by kindness, compassion, chivalry and trust.  To you, I give this candle, which I will place in your heart to guide your path, shadowed by the unknown, through the castle of Camelot. 

Take a seat in the Great Hall, you warrior of strength and courage, and drink from this silver goblet of sweet wine to refresh yourself.  Then you may sing to us of the adventures of  a valiant knight, or listen to the minstrel play upon his harp with sweet and sorrowful notes. 

I bid you follow me and do not tarry, as you will be guided to the Court, where the fairest fellowship of Knights will join.  Pray, sit down, at an honoured place at the Pain Table of Camelot.  At this table, each person has earned their right to have their name inscribed upon the chair, for they have fought long and hard battles in fields never seen.

Min nama is Lady Sharon.  I, too, am a warrior of pain.  My heart greets you and bids you be of stout heart, for you are now dwelling within the mighty walls of compassion and understanding. On each side of you and across from you, you will find fellow Knights who bare the scars of battles with the hidden foe.  How hard the battle,  that is fought alone.  Now when the mists rise, you need no longer stand alone. 


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