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The Mystery of Pain

Pain has an element of blank;
It cannot recollect
When it began, or if there were
A day when it was not.
It has no future but itself,
Its infinite realms contain
Its past, enlightened to perceive
New periods of pain.


Emily Dickinson, the great American poet, wrote this poem.  Born on December 10, 1830 in Amerst, Massachusetts, in the United States, she wrote over 1800 poems.  Her life included caring for her ill parents and battling her own chronic illness, Bright’s Disease.  Many of her poems open the veil of her sensitivity to suffering and pain.  In this poem, we can feel the timelessness of pain. When I am suffering severe unremitting pain, I enter a place where there is no time. My mind focuses on the moment and trying to get through till the next moment.  I do not remember the moment that has just passed and I am not thinking of all the moments ahead of me.  I am totally in the moment, on a plateau of time and unaware of the passing of time.

Being in this state, with no boundaries of time, it feels as if you are in a different place.  A place where you feel the essence of eternity.  The body may be trapped by the pain, but the mind can feel the boundless realm. And when the pain lessens, it is impossible to know how long one was in that kingdom of survival where time ceased to exist.

Emily Dickinson understood the complexity and fascinating nature of this condition called pain.   She identified suffering as a component of spiritual growth.   It takes time and great strength to be able to grasp the arrow of suffering and pull it out of your wound and then see that the tip of the arrow holds a small drop of love.

Emily Dickinson was a beautiful scribe in our land of Camelot.

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2 Responses to “The Mystery of Pain”

  1. Susie says:

    wow…. I really like your description of pain! you said it much better than I ever could.. thanks for posting this, it makes me feel a little less alone in pain-land :/

  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Lady Susie,

    If my words resonated a little in your world, then my writings have found their purpose. You are a true Knight of the Pain Table and I invite you to ride with us anytime.

    Your Humble Scribe,

    Lady Sharon