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Concert for Diana Remembers her Heart

Concert for Diana remembers the Beauty, Passion and Compassion of Princess Diana

There was a moment in this Celebration of Diana’s life that really reminded me of the true courage and compassion that this special human being had in her heart.  One of the photographers that had done photo shoots of Princess Diana was discussing how she understood the power of the visual image.   He then proceeded to describe a visit to a Hospital in Nigeria where she had grasped the hand of a leper without wearing gloves. The doctor at that time had commented on the immeasurable worth of that simple gesture. 

Princess Diana seemed to instinctively reach out to the vulnerable and those who were in pain or felt isolated.  It was wonderful to be reminded of the power of her compassion. 

For those of us who are warriors of pain, we often feel isolation, rejection and being forsaken.    It is as if we are on an island with invisible waves surrounding us and others cannot reach us, as they do not have the understanding.  Anyone who has suffered long term severe pain, knows how painful it is to be cast aside and forgotten.  And we also know how powerful it is when someone reaches out their hand and makes us feel whole again.  I never met Princess Diana, but I think if I ever did, she would have been one of those special few, who would not forget the forgotten. 

Your Scribe,

Lady Sharon

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