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The Way is Long

The Way

The way is long — let us go together
The way is difficult — let us help each other
The way is joyful — let us share it
The way is ours alone — let us go in love
The way grows before us — let us begin

— Unknown origin

 The Way is the path before us.  We as human beings like to believe that as long as we know where we are going, all we have to do is move forward and life will unfold as we planned.   It seems to work this way and we all plod along.  But then one day something happens and you find you are facing another direction.  You keep trying to move forward, but you are forced to stop and leave your path.  It is as if your train has been derailed and you can no longer find your way. 

You become beleaguered but you still fight to resume your journey.  But your body is getting weaker as the Pain is getting stronger.  Somehow you make a decision to take up your sword now to fight and you will catch up with the train later.  Your first battle has begun.  

You have never fought anything like this opponent before.  There is no training that can prepare you for this merciless battle.  You are blinded in the battle as the opponent is within.  How can I be brought to my knees by something I cannot see?  Your sword is now by your side, night and day, since the Pain will not leave.  It makes no sense.  It cannot be.  This was not the way I planned for me.   As days turn to night, and night to day, the months pass and you now see things differently.  Your train has gone off without you and you were left by the side.  It hits you between the eyes.  Your realize there are two plans in this world.  One plan is your plan and the other is God’s Plan.  And in the end it is only God’s plan that matters. 

Many Sun’s rise as the years pass and you become a true warrior of pain.  And you learn to let your dreams go, one by one, as they may never be.  But these dreams you learn can be transformed into your Destiny. 

You learn, reluctantly, to let go.  The train has left you so far behind.  But you have become a warrior, a Knight in search of a Kingdom. Do not despair.  You have not been left behind.  Instead ride with Pain and Suffering, your companions and let them lead you to where you are meant to be. 

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5 Responses to “The Way is Long”

  1. Ceejon says:

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  2. Ceejon says:

    When my name gets wet courtesy of my days bad long gone so far behind I take my plights to high place of God’s chastity hearts have fallen to keep fate with it’s maker. Our fates are uncertain

  3. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Joll and Ceejon,

    Thank you both for stopping by our Kingdom. Ceejon I visited your link to a Kingdom of Poety
    and loved to see a collection of poets and poetry for the soul. I thanketh you for sharing this website. We love words that move us.

    Ride thee both well,

    Lady Sharon

  4. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Ceejon,

    A Poet has just graced Camelot with a torrent of words that move the soul. I loveth your imagery of tossing hearts and drying tears. I feel the impossible struggle, yet grasping at the dawn. There is a spirit of hope and your words have awakened my joys. I thank you.

    Ceejon you hath walked into our Kingdom before and I am so happy that you have shared your words with us. We think you are so gracious and kind to share your poetry with all in Camelot. We would be honored anytime you ride by to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you for reminding me of the depth that exists in those who visit Camelot. Keep taking pen to paper as you are a scribe.

    May there be a long trail before you to your land of dreams, where the nightingale sings. Please ride by again Ceejon.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of this humble Kingdom