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Paul Potts' Album Goes to Number One

Paul Potts’ Album Goes Straight to Number 1

 Paul Potts, the Minstrel we believe in and will follow anywhere, released his first album and it jumped to number one on the official UK album chart.  The album entitled ‘One Chance’ was released in the UK on the 16th of July and rocketed to the top of the charts outselling the rest of the top 10 combined.

On July 30th, it will be released in the US. 

Paul Potts, a Welsh tenor, won the talent contest, “Britain’s Got Talent” and has mesmerized people throughout the world with his heartfelt performances. 

Click here to see his first appearance that blew away the judges.

Click here for more up to date performances by Paul Potts.

Paul is honoured at Camelot.

 I am your Queen,     Queen Guinevere

Here is our Minstrel is singing Caruso.

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  1. Lady Sharon says:

    I think it is Fantastic!!! too!