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No Pain Bringeth a Beautiful Day

Me thinketh that the meaning of a beautiful day is very different for someone in chronic pain than someone who is blessed with no pain. Today the beaming sun is warm and a soft breeze caresses the trees.  No doubt, the sunshine and warm weather, is wonderful and allows one to do much more in their travels. 

But when you live with chronic pain, your world is determined from a world within.  I often try to go out when the sun shines and try to block out the nagging reminder that there is pain dancing in my body.  And for moments here and there, I can perhaps pretend all is good in the world.  But reality then striketh me, and no matter what beauty is before me, I cannot appreciate the surroundings.  My first thought is how do I reduce this pain because I am really hurting. 

If you are with others, and they are so happy to be with you, then often you will attempt to pretend that all is well and this social outing is expunging the pain from your body.  Mind over matter.  This pretension will work for a short time, but to pull it off you, need to push yourself over your limit. 

Alas, then you either run out of strength or the pain takes over and you must return to reality.  It is then that you realize that the pain has always been there and now the dam has been broken and the fury has begun.  A torrent of pain will arrive, almost as if saying, “So you thought you could outrun me, you fool!”  The world now is about you and the pain. This is the real world.   You arm yourself with your sword, for now you must fight a hard battle with your omnipotent opponent, Pain.

As a Warrior of Pain, a beautiful day to me is being able to see the beauty in everything because your eyes are not clouded with the veil of pain.  Once you are released from the chains of chronic pain, the whole world is filled with a kind of great intoxicating beauty.  You become part of the world since you are truly alive.

I shall now pray that our journey to the Vale of Avalon is filled with true beauty for you.

Your Scribe,
Lady Sharon

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2 Responses to “No Pain Bringeth a Beautiful Day”

  1. Pa Muckraker says:

    With the use of MRI technology on the rise, the chance of patient with some form of kidney disease receiving an MRI is more and more likely.

    Often to enhance the images received from an MRI reading, a physician will ask for an MRI ‘with contrast’ and you’re likely to receive the gadolinium contrast dye, Omniscan. This course of action could be fatal, and the very least, extremely painful and costly, for patients suffering from kidney disease.

    Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis: The symptoms are gut-wrenching and blood-curdling to describe, and even to read: yellowing of the eyes and a contraction of the skin to the point where a sufferer is literally frozen in place, a terminal condition.

    Your physician may not be aware of this disease. Tell him or her to read this …

  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Pa Muckraker,

    We thanketh you for sharing information on the risk when receiving dye for and “MRI with contrast”. It is important that with each step patients and doctors understand the risks and weigh out the risk potential.

    If we help one another we all have a better chance in life.

    We appreciate your informative comment. Please ride by again.


    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of The Knights of the Pain Table