Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

A Fiddler of Peace for Thee

A Fiddler for Thee Knights

Bring forth the fiddle and dance my Knights without thy armour.  The moon shines bright and thy Black Knight shall rest upon the shore.   A swirling fiddler in white began to play and it was as if the Knights remembered how it was before the pain. They looked at one another without their armour and felt a wave of compassion for all those around them.  They would never forget this night.  

Upon the shore the Black Knight rested and lay down his armour.  A maiden from the castle bid him to drink and feast upon the food that was before him. He slowly accepted her kindness.   As he sipped the wine, the diaphanous fiddler danced down to the shore.  The music cast a mist of comfort over the Black Knight.  He would never forget this night. 

This video is Granuaile’s Dance by Celtic Woman on their album  “A New Journey”.  This was filmed in Slane Castle in Ireland.  For more Celtic Woman click here and here.  

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