Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Lady of the Lake Blesses the Knights at Avalon

The Lady of the Lake

A figure so silently moved down the castle’s arches, the most wonderful beauty of the night.  The Lady of the Lake (Nimue) was seated on a graceful destrier, more white than snow, yet she was much whiter. The majestic steed had a bridle of linked golde on his head and upon him a saddle of precious golde.

The gentleness of the harps lingered in the breeze and the Warriors of Pain at once lowered their spears.

Nimue was attired in a long robe of white samite mystic draped over her steed.  Her hair was betwixt blue-black and golde and adorned with fresh flowers.  Her eyes were sea blue and deep and her forehead was high and broad.  With skin and hands that were fairer than the blossoms of the wood, she held in her arms a small lamb.

Merlin (Myrddin), Prince of Enchanters, stood to her left and bowed as he felt her presence.

As the Lady of the Lake dismounted, her profile showed the beauty of her aquiline nose and a calmness in her movement.  The Knights were transfixed.

With uplifted hands, the Lady of the Lake proclaimed, “Behold these Knights that have come before me, who have fought battles beyond words.  Most gallant Knights of the Pain Table,  Avalon will be thy place of comfort. We well know that your valour, although perhaps unseen to others, shines brilliantly in the light of the Isle of Avalon.  You are true and perfect noble Knights who are brave in your battles.

She looked up, her eyes all illuminated with tears.  I feel the depth of your pain that others cannot see.  Do not hide thy suffering here.  Cast off your armour.  Thou Knight’s  Code of Honour remember through.   Trouthe and Honour, Fredom and Curteisie.  Let your Black Knight be seen here for we shall honour thy Dark Knight.  We are not afraide.

The Lady of the Lake’s voice drifted through the night and the Knights lay down all their armour.  As she sang with glistening eyes the Knights felt her words soften their hearts and water their souls.

When the storms of life are strong When you’re wounded, when you don’t belong When you no longer hear my song My blessing goes with you…….

Video is of Lisa Kelly of Celtic Woman singing “The Blessing” from the Album “A New Journey”.  This was recorded live at Slane Castle in Ireland in 2006.  For the lyrics of the song click here. To hear another song click here.
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