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Terry Fator is Unforgettable to Us (America's Got Talent)

For 22 years this brilliant ventriloquist/impressionist has been hidden from us all.  From performing Garth Brooks to Nat King Cole to Kermit, he creates a tiny world and invites us all in.  We are so excited that he is a step away from possibly winning the top prize. But in Camelot, Terry is treasured and has already won.  He just makes the Knights toes curl with joy and that is not easy when you covered in a hunk of metal.  Yipes!

Here are some of his mini shows that we must share.  Step into Terryland and pull up a chair and just be mesmerized.  We love thee Terry.  Good luck from Camelot. 

 Love the Kingdom of Camelot




Dean Martin and Tony Bennet


Emma Taylor

Terry sends message to Knights of the Pain Table.  Click here to read Terry’s moving message.

 See and read more about Terry Fator click here.

Check out Terry’s web sites at and

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15 Responses to “Terry Fator is Unforgettable to Us (America's Got Talent)”

  1. kathy moss says:

    Dear Terry, I’m so glad you won . We saw you last year at HOT Fair
    and we bought your video and CD and you autographed them for my granddaughter and she listens to your cd alot. Congratulations on winning, I voted max for you every week. You truly were the most talented.

  2. June King says:

    Terry, I am so glad you won. I am also glad that America thinks there are other talented people besides singers. You were up against great talent but you prevailed. I voted for you. I have never seen with so much talent and I hope you are in Indianapolis one day so I can see the full scope of your talent

  3. bonsoir Terry
    Je ne sais pas si tu lis le français mais tu es le meilleur dans le monde entier et je te jure que j’ai bien rie.
    J’ai 60 ans et j’ai rajeunis de beaucoup en te voyant tu sais.
    Je suis tres heureuse que tu ais gagné et je te souhaite la plus grande des chances dans tout ton avenir .
    j’espere que tu auras tout ce que tu désir et que tu seras l’homme le plus heureux de la terre tu le mérite bien.
    Moi je vie seule et pas beaucoup d’argent et j’aime bien voir de bon spectacle comme le tient tu es une atar et le meilleur qu’il soit .
    Encore bonne chance dans tout ce que tu entreprendras et prend bien soins de ta petite famille.
    I love you take care and be good and God bless you.

    Liliane Perron from Sherbrooke Canada bye bye

  4. Virginia Steed says:

    As the saying goes, “Where have you been all my life? Edgar Bergman would be proud. All I can say Bravo!!!

  5. Virginia Steed says:

    Whoops, I’m so exited for you. I spelled his name wrome wromg. Bergen. Shows you how old I am.

  6. Dear Terry, My wife and I were blown away by your show.We will try to see your show in the next year. Where can we get any of your merchandise? We also read the article about your sister and our prayers are with you. God has used you to touch other people and to make the world a better place to live. You are setting a great example for everyone. Keep up the good work and God Bless You and your family at this time. Two permanent fans,Dave and Ivylyn Harrell

  7. Bonnie says:

    Terry, you are awesome! Congratulations! I hope to see you in Vegas. Where can I get a CD, video? I love watching you over and over. God bless you!

  8. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Terry Fator Aficionados,

    To keep up to date on Terry Fator you can sign up to be on his mailing list by going to his website:

    For his upcoming shows you can visit his MySpace Page at
    Terry also writes on his blog which you can read on his MySpace Page.
    For questions about Terry you can contact his Manager, John Raymond at the following email address.
    Or you could contact Terry on his MySpace Page.

    Thank you for visiting the Knights of the Pain Table and listening to our Prince of Voices.

    Lady Sharon

  9. Judy Levine says:

    I would like to get an address for Terry’s manager so that I can submit a request regarding the possibility of Terry performing at a fundraising event in Sept 08.


    Judy Levine
    CHP 11-99 Foundation

  10. Lady Sharon says:

    Hello Judy,

    Terry would be wonderful to have at a fundraising event for your noble cause for the Knights of the Highway. Terry and his little friends bring so much warmth and goodness to all around them.

    On his official website the address for his management team is listed as follows:

    John D Mcentee And Or Tammy Jones
    3820 E. La Palma Avenue
    Anaheim, California 92807
    Phone: (714) 693-9300

    Or you could submit a request via email using this link:

    Good luck Judy.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of The Knights of the Pain Table

  11. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Kathy, June and Anonymous,

    Terry is lucky to have people like you with passion for his work. We voted for Terry also and were so happy when he won. Thank you all for riding by.


    Lady Sharon

  12. Lady Sharon says:

    Bonsoir Liliane,

    Merci de partager vos bons souhaits pour Terry. Terry est magnificant. Bénédictions à vous.
    Veuillez nous rendre visite encore bientôt.

    Dame Sharon
    Pointe à tracer de camelot

  13. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Virginia,

    We are so excited that Terry has been discovered and will now be able to entertain so many. Our thankfulness for your visit to Camelot.


    Lady Sharon

  14. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear David,

    That is a beautiful tribute to Terry. He does have a special gift which he believed in, even when the audience was small. If you visit Terry’s website, they now have merchandise for sale.

    Thank you for visiting our Kingdom, Dave and Ivylyn,

    Lady Sharon

  15. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear both Anonymous and Bonnie,

    Thank you all for commenting on Terry Fator. He has an amazing talent. You can purchase CDs, DVDs and merchandise on his website now.
    I believe he also sells merchandise at his shows in Vegas.

    Take care,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot