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We’ll Never Part Elvis, For Thou is a King

The gates of Graceland stood before them.  Elvis, one of the most beloved King’s awaited their visit. The tall sentry dressed in rhinestones opened the gates adorned with the notes of a Minstrel.  They rode up the path and entered the castle of Elvis the King.

Merlin and the Knights found Elvis in the Chapel in the Woods singing a ‘How Great Thou Art’, one of his favourite songs.  They were in awe of the man and the voice.

The stain-glassed windows reflected the strong light of the sun on his inimitable silhouette. The Knights then knew he was warrior of pain, a Knight that had fought tough battles.

Our Precious King was plagued by many health ailments during his lifetime.  He carried these burdens himself and continued to grace the world with his great gift.  Elvis endured insomnia all his life.  He had a family history of insomnia as well as arteriosclerosis.  His Mother died of a heart attack at age 44.  I remember hearing an interview he gave in Vancouver when he was about 20 years old and he had trouble sleeping throughout the night at that early age.

In addition Elvis suffered with debilitating migraines, a neurological disorder, and many of the drugs in his system at the time of his death could be related to treatment for his migraine headaches. The primary indicator that Elvis had Migraines gleaned from these public reports was that the very drugs found in Elvis’ system at the time of the autopsy were used in the 70’s to treat anyone under good prudent care for intractable Migraine.  Elvis’s had a very private struggle with migraines and anyone who suffers with this ailment knows how difficult they are to treat.   His ailment was greatly misunderstood and often negatively affected his image to the public.  Elvis came to depend on analgesics and narcotics to treat his severe migraine attacks.

Other contributing health conditions that Elvis is believed to have struggled with are: Pernicious Anemia, Erythematous Lupus, Heart Disease and Diabetes, Glaucoma and Enlarged Obstructed Colon.

What makes Elvis a true knight is his courage, passion and generosity that he used to cope with the pain and ill health in order to give us his great gift that has touched so many so deeply.

Elvis talked to the Knights for hours and then sang this poignant song.

After he finished his parting words were,

“God will this day put in your hand.  Go forth with peace and gentleness.”

The Knights knew they would see him again.

“Love me tender,
love me sweet,
never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
and I love you so.”
And Elvis we love you.

Scribe Lady Sharon

To hear Elvis and Lisa Marie sing together click here.

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    I listed my sources at the end of the post. If you would like more details, there may be autobiographies of Elvis in the library. Of course you can put the words “Elvis Health” in the search engine, Google, and that will bring up links for you that may help.

    The main website for Elvis Presley is
    I would suggest if you have a specific question that you contact
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