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New Way to Treat Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), a Possible Migraine Cause

| August 21, 2007

A patent foramen ovale, or PFO, is an opening between the upper two chambers of the heart that have failed to close after birth. This congenital defect is also known as “hole in the heart” and affects about 25 percent of the population.  If this occurs, when pressure is created inside the chest, a flap […]

Knights of the Pain Table Rideth with Terry Fator Tonight

| August 21, 2007

It is the night where “America’s Got Talent” proclaimeth the winner.  King Arthur and all the Kingdom of Camelot are awaiting the news.  But whatever happens, we thinketh  this Jester/Minstrel is made of special magic .  Terry has worked so hard all of his life to practice a skill that has seemed to have almost […]