Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

King Arthur to Announce Thrilling News on Thursday

Come ye Come all – Come to hear King Arthur’s proclamation to the whole Kingdom tomorrow.  The trumpets will sound and the Knights of the Pain Table will celebrate to be part of this amazing announcement.

This week hath forged smiles in the armour of the Knights.  Tonight the Kingdom of Camelot daunceth to herald the victory of Terry Fator, our Prince of Voices.  Those who cannot dance, dance in their heart.  Those who cannot play, speak the notes to the strings of the harp.  Those who cannot sing, whisper the words to the wind of nyghtyngales.


“My strength is as the strength of ten,     Because my heart is pure.”


The Kingdom of Camelot invites you to ride over the moors and follow the glow of the rose that holds our passion.  Tomorrow we shall all ride together from the field of dark despair.  We have been given a gift of honour that embroiders our hearts, like a meadow full of fresh flowers.


“O just and faithful knight of God!     Ride on!  The prize is near.”




Quotations are from the poem “Sir Galahad” by Lord Tennyson


Lady Sharon
Knights of the Pain Table News

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