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Jaydee Bixby (Canadian Idol) Rideth to Meet Elvis, The King of Graceland

The young squire, Jaydee Bixby, whose eyes sparkled bright, and who was clothed in white, was  found travelling towards the Kingdom of Graceland.   He wore no armour and bore neither spear nor shield.  His horse, which he so carefully dressed with a mane knotted with silver  threads,  carried him towards the Knights.  The young maiden Knights blushed with delight at the sight of this fair haired young squire.

The Knights gave Jaydee a map to find the place where his true idol Elvis Presley, King of Graceland resided.  Before he left to venture forth, he gave the gift of song to those who were so kind to him.

The Knights viewed the lone white star of 17 years glimmer as he rode off over the fields towards his quest to find Elvis.  As he rode off they heard him sing some more songs  Lawdy Miss Clawdy Johnny be Goode and I Got a Woman.  The Knights knew they would see this squire with the velvet voice again.

Jaydee Bixby is a highschool student from Alberta, Canada and one of the top four contestants on Canadian Idol.  To read more about Jaydee go to Canadian Idol. We love Jaydee because he seems a little lost in time, just like us.  He can come to Camelot anytime.

To read the latest on Jaydee and view other performances visit here.

Your Scribe,  Lady Sharon

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One Response to “Jaydee Bixby (Canadian Idol) Rideth to Meet Elvis, The King of Graceland”

  1. Lady Sharon says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for putting together that great montage. We really appreciate the creativity. It is great news that Jaydee is recording his album. We can’t wait to hear his voice again.
    Update January 2009: Jaydee has completed his album and now has his own website.

    Jaydee is lucky to have you as one of his supporters. We thanketh you for riding by and keeping us up to date.

    Bye for now, 🙂

    Lady Sharon