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Jaydee Bixby Recently met the Gracious Enrique Iglesias at Canadian Idol

Our Squire Jaydee Bixby, met a Spanish Conquistador, Enrique Iglesias, who believed in him.  Jaydee told Enrique that some of his heroes were Johnny Cash and Buck Owens.   There is something about this young Squire that just makes us smile.  The raw talent and the genuine charm and natural voice make him very interesting to us.  But the fact he seems to be caught in a time warp is what we really love, as the Knights of the Pain Table travel all over time.  We think he would make Elvis smile. 

Tonight on Canadian Idol Jaydee met the great Paul Anka, and sang two of the standards.  We will share these songs with you soon.  Jaydee we are riding with you tonight.  Whatever happens we know that Jaydee will travel great distances in this life. 

Here is our Squire Jaydee Singing “Time of your Life”.


Your Scribe,
Lady Sharon

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2 Responses to “Jaydee Bixby Recently met the Gracious Enrique Iglesias at Canadian Idol”

  1. Karley Wolff says:

    Jaydee Bixby, you need to make an album, like now, you are such a great country singer for a 17-year-old. I know making an album is eaiser said then done, but you could be a big hit. Try making songs like the one you sang on Canaidian Idol called, ” Break it to them gently” or, ” Can’t stop loving you”. If you do make an album, which I hope you will, I’ll be the first one to get it.
    Karley Wolff, Imperial Sk, Box 27, SoG, 2J0

  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Karley,

    Jaydee has released his album called “Cadillacs and Cowboys” and now his official website.
    I know Jaydee has many fans such as you so he will do very well.

    I thanketh you Karley for stopping by Camelot.

    Your Scribe,
    Lady Sharon