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Jaydee Bixby Gives us a Fever and Makes it to Top Three in Canadian Idol

Our Squire Jaydee, who will be a star one day, compiled enough votes to make it to the top three in Canadian Idol.   Paul Anka threw down the gauntlet at Jaydee who sung two standards from a different era.  Our seventeen year old Squire finally got serious and heated up the song “Fever”. 

[youtube= fxevQ0VzjU4]

Deciding that singing was not enough for our Jaydee, those shoes took him on the dance floor as he sung “When You’re Smiling”.  We thinketh he picked up the suit during his visit to Graceland.  This kid is learning fast.  Elvis was known for his manners, his charm and his beautiful looks.  Jaydee is heading in that direction, if he listens and has someone to guide him.  Any good artist begins by imitating the greats and Jaydee, at his age has chosen the best. We thinketh that as he followeth Elvis, he will  findeth the brushes he needs to paint the portrait of the singer Jaydee.  This kid is smart to look to the masters, just as a painter looks to Renoir. 

Jaydee listen to thy heart and we will follow thee.   

[youtube= eQtGDSDRprU]

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