Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

A Code of Chivalry in the War of Chronic Pain – Strength from the Dark Ages

| September 30, 2007

Knights Code of Honour In this Kingdom of Camelot with our King Arthur, there is a Code of Chivalry for all, including the Knights of the Pain Table.    A Knight that battles the Darkest of Knights (Pain ) both day and night has such a great onslaught to endure.    Why then should there be rules […]

The Tale of Paul Potts Who Doth Sing the Music of the Night in Camelot

| September 28, 2007

Tale of Paul Potts Paul Potts, our Welsh Tenor, turned the Internet upside down after his audition on “Britain’s Got Talent”. I remember the first time I saw the clip of this gentle man, coming to the microphone and announcing to the judges that he was there to sing “Opera”.    His first few notes of […]

Thou Art Blessed at Camelot – Secret Garden’s Sleepsong Blessing

| September 27, 2007

Blessings Even if thou art alone, Even if thou art in pain, Even if the darkness is upon you now, Pray thee, you are not forgotten in Camelot An Irish Blessing For Thou In Time of Sorrow May you see God’s light on the path ahead When the road you walk is dark. May you […]

"Lessons from the Geese" a Story for the Knights of the Pain Table

| September 26, 2007

Lessons from the Geese Next fall,  when you see Geese heading South for the Winter, flying along in V formation, you might consider what science has discovered as to why they fly that way:   as each bird flaps its wings,  it creates an uplift for the bird immediately following.    By flying in V formation the […]

Carrie Underwood Carries Us with Love Singing “So Small”- Song of the Week at Camelot

| September 25, 2007

So Small The first time we heard this song from Carrie Underwood, it stuck in our armoured heads and in our hearts.    The lyrics speak to hard times.  When you suffer with chronic pain every problem can feel like a mountain.    Fighting Pain takes just about everything you have.  And you don’t think you will […]

Nocturnal Reverie Sing-Along with Monty Python and The Knights of the Pain Table

| September 24, 2007

Nocturnal Reverie The Knights of the Pain Table slept well back in their home of Camelot. King Arthur proclaimed a night of merriment for his Knights of Honour.  A feast made of laughter was brought forth before thy Knights. Wine and mead maketh them merry, as bejewelled court jesters danced amid raucous cheers.     Minstrels played […]

Chronic Pain Study Shows Disruption of Attention and Working Memory

| September 23, 2007

From the Departments of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine and Psychiatry, University of Alberta; and Multidisciplinary Pain Centre, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a study found that during task performance, chronic pain affected a specific cognitive mechanism, the maintenance of the memory trace of subjects.  It also reported that the cognitive function was not […]