Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Our Prince of Voices, Terry Fator is in Hospital – Louis Armstrong's Get Well Wish

We came upon the little turtle, Winston, who was looking for the Knights of the Pain Table.    His sweet voice told of how he started walking two days ago to find us but he got lost.    Wearied and seeking food, he glided along, till he heard a trumpet shivering to the tingling stars.    He heard a familiar voice call him by name.    Both his eyes were dazzled as he stood before a figure clothed in coolness.

“Do not despair my friend, I know what thou seeketh.    I will take thee to thy Knights.” The little chambers of his heart opened and he hugged the King of Jazz, Louis Armstrong.    “Just call me Satchmo”, Louis requested.    They ventured forth from the Kingdom of Jazz, as the light of laughing flowers lit their way.

The Knights were honoured to have encountered such charming wanderers.    Winston explained that Terry had to go the Hospital to treat an infection on his left hand on the day of Wednesday and they could read Terry’s note by going here. The Knights and Merlin, still in Glastonbury, gathered together and amid the light green trees, said a prayer for thee Terry.

Nearly 14 million people watched ventriloquist Terry Fator win “America’s Got Talent,” making it that week’s most-watched show.   Let’s say a prayer for our Prince of Voices, as the nightingales sing.    Merlin will sendeth his herbs of enchantment to heal thee Terry.   We are in thought with you.

Now Louis Armstrong and the All Stars want to entertain you by singing  “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” which Louis sang in 1962 in Stockholm.

Take it away Satchmo.

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Winston is on his way back to you Terry.  He luvs ya and so do we.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

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