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Luciano Pavarotti is Now Singing with the Angels

We bow our heads as one of the world’s greatest earthly singers has sung his last song.     His legacy, which he has bestowed on us, will be his Art.      Art which painted each note as it ascended to the heavens and then again as it soared down into our souls.      He did not just sing.     Pavarotti became a vessel of grace.  

This great Master understood that Art was meant for everyone and appreciated it in all forms.       Pavarotti decided to cross the barriers and sing with artists such as James Brown, Bryan Adams and Barry White.      He believed that artists in one genre could inspire artists in another genre and they could work in harmony.       Art should not merely be judged but rather appreciated. 

In Camelot, we never loose anyone, as we are part of time itself and ride the infinite ocean of past and present.       We will meet Sir Luciano one day soon again, and shall hear the magnificence of the gift that was bestowed upon him. 

King Arthur and I have lit a candle to light your way to Camelot, Sir Luciano, where your voice is eternal.

Fare thee well.  Pray thee sing for us once more. 

Queen Guinevere of Camelot

Luciano Pavarotti singing “Ave Maria”.

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