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Amazing Grace on The Trail of Tears (Cherokee)

Night was falling.  Weary from a day of battling the Dark Knight, the Knights of the Pain Table rested by the edge of the forest beneath the moon.  The eternal onslaught bled their strength.   Ere midnights shadow, the eagle soared alone.  A low mist of melancholy, fear and grief settled on their hearts and they tried not to pour bitter tears on the desolated earth.

Merlin, knew the battle to be fought was theirs alone, as his powers were of another kind.  But his love for these Knights was so deep that he called upon the Spirits of the Forest.

As the Knights slept in turbulence, the music of three voices emanated from the trees.  The Knights stirred and looked towards the forest. Before them were three figures seen in white robes graced, in a cloud of fire.    The Knights closed their lids to seek shelter in the notes, which were like a gentle elixir.  How sweet it were to hear.

As the heavy weight of that which had chained them down lessened, their hearts softly trembled.  Placid sleep cam o’er them and all they could hear was the song of the night’s sweet bird.  The Spirits of the Forest had given them some respite and Merlin’s heart could rest once more.

Pray thee rest well, Knights of the Pain Table.
Lady Sharon

This beautiful haunting rendition of Amazing Grace is sung by Walela  (Cherokee for Hummingbird).   Walela is made up of Rita Coolidge, her sister Priscilla Coolidge, and Priscilla’s daughterk, Laura Satterfield.   

The song, “Amazing Grace”, has great significance for the Cherokee.     Seventy years after John Newton composed the lyrics for this hymn, thousands of displaced Cherokees sang the hymn as they were herded along the tragic Trail of Tears (1838-1839).    In 1830 the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act.     The Cherokee Trail of Tears resulted from the enforcement of the Treaty of New Echota, an agreement signed under the provisions of the Indian Removal Act.    Cherokee men, women, and children were forced to travel 1000 miles west, often on foot, to new reservations.

During this journey, about 4, 000 people lost their lives due to hunger, disease and inhumane conditions.    The tribe remembers this period as the Trail of Tears.    They were not allowed to stop and attend to their dead so instead would quietly sing “Amazing Grace” as a way to honor the passing

Due to a large number of deceased people or lack of time during their journey,  they could not burry their dead with dignity,  so the Cherokee tribe would quietly sing “Amazing Grace” as a way to honour the passing.   This hymn brought them much comfort.    Long after the “Trail of Tears”, the song remains and today is considered to be an unofficial national anthem for the Sovereign Cherokee Nation.  To read the lyrics click here.

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28 Responses to “Amazing Grace on The Trail of Tears (Cherokee)”

  1. NannaKatz says:

    This is the most beautiful song I have ever come across and is my favorite as well as “Amazing Grace”

  2. NannaKatz says:

    This is the most beautiful song I have ever come across… well as “Amazing Grace” I would love to have me a copy of this one to be played or sung at my own funeral…..I am part Cherokee myself. My grandfather was full blooded Cherokee so I was told. I often wondered why Native American Indians meant so much to me.

  3. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear NannaKatz,

    It is an amazing feeling when a song shakes something in our past that we don’t even remember. This is a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace”. You must be very proud to be a Cherokee.

    I thanketh you for listening to this version by Walela.

    Go in Peace,

    Lady Sharon

  4. Bobbie says:

    I, too, think this is the most beautiful version of Amazing great grandmother was full blood Cherokee….this must be why all things Native American mean so much to me…I would really love to have a copy of the CD that this song is on, so I could play it at night when I’m falling asleep…

  5. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Bobbie,

    There is something about “Amazing Grace” that seems to touch the soul. It would be awesome to play as you begin to dream, especially if you have Cherokee blood. I believe somewhere inside part of us remembers our ancestors.

    If you are looking for the CD it is available on Amazon here:

    Amazing Grace, how sweet thy sound….

    Thank you Bobbie for visiting Camelot

    Lady Sharon
    Your humble Scribe

  6. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    This interpretaion of the song seems exude a really natural essence that touches the soul. It is amazing how this song is able to speak to anyone in the world with it’s power.

    Blessings to you Anonymous,

    Lady Sharon

  7. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Angel,

    My apologies for taking some time to reply. It must have been a beautiful experience to hear “Amazing Grace” sung by the Cherokee at Talequah. This song touches my soul.

    I searched to see where it was available. I did find the single song on iTunes so you could purchase the song there.
    Also Napster has some Walela tunes so if you are signed into Napster you may check there also.

    I also found Mike Cable’s website which is very interesting where you may be able to download this song.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

    I thanketh you for riding by Angel,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  8. Karen King says:

    I just wanted to tell you that this song sent shivers down my spine. It is so beautiful. God Bless You with what you do.
    Love your sister in Christ,

  9. Karen King says:

    This is my most favorite song andI just wanted to tell you that this rendention of the song sent shivers down my spine. It is so beautiful. God Bless You and keep you in His care.
    Love your sister in Christ,

  10. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Karen,

    I thanketh you for you blessings and thank you for dropping by Camelot. So many have been and will be touched by this ethereal song. To share its beauty is an honour.

    May you have an angel always with you Karen.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  11. spiritwalker says:

    osiyo ,
    wado, beautiful music, beautiful songs.
    again wado.

  12. My brother Harold worked for the Dept. of Interior, B.I.A. for the Cherokee Nation @ Talhlequah,Oklahoma for many,many years.The Wade’s being of the(Wolf Clan)of the Keetoowah band of Cherokees were honored when the Chiefs and tribal council of the Keetoowah’s sang this (in Cherokee)song at his memorial service in Talhequah.
    Your friend in Christ, C. Meigs Wade

  13. Mary Jane says:

    I am trying to locate some of my great great great grandmothers family her name was Walela Whitewolf when the goverment made the cherokee indians make their move that many of her family members got scattered all over.
    My great great great grandmother married and Scot-Irishman Kells McClausland that moved over here from Ireland about the time the goverment made them move.
    I was adopted when I was 5 yrs old. and all I have to go on is her name and I would love to tracing my family tree if possible.
    The B.I.A. have no recording of her but if there is any one out there that can help me out or get me started in the right direction I will be ever so greatful.
    Thank You Ever So Much.

  14. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Spirit Walker,

    Thank you for riding by our Kingdom and sharing your thoughts on this beautiful piece of music.

    Lady Sharon

  15. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Charles to Camelot,

    Our sorrow and sadness to hear that your brother is now with the angels. His memorial must have been beautiful. Our prayers are with you.

    I thanketh you for sharing the history of the Wolf Clan. It must be an honour to be part of history. I encourage our readers to check out your MySpace page link as it explains more about Ani’-Wah’ Ya or Wolf Clan. Great page and great music.

    As we light the candles in Camelot we shall remember your brother Harold and your family. Thank you for recounting a beautiful moment in time.

    Lady Sharon

  16. Lady Sharon says:

    Hello Mary Jane,

    It is wonderful that you are on a special journey to find your scattered family. It sounds as though you have some good information so it may be possible to find them. You might also find information by trying to locate family in Ireland of Kells McClausland. There may be letters which give clues. I loveth your great great great grandmother’s name Walela Whitewolf. How beautiful. I pray as you search the Internet you shall find clues to lead you in the right direction. It is amazing how even using “Facebook” how many people are reunited.

    Search well as it is a search of love…..we will ride with you….

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe in Camelot

  17. heather says:

    awesome site jk it sux devil eggs

  18. Corani Brightstar McIntosh says:

    Lady Sharon, Wa do gi na li (thank you my friend. This is a beautiful site and honors My Ancestors deeply. I am of mix-blood and even though I know that I am shunned by my own people because I am seeking Enrollment into the Nation of my Mother and Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother. Also the Nation of my Grandfathers on my Mother’s side. She named me at birth (and then again at the age of 16) Ka lu na Tsa sa da No qui si Qua gi.
    It translate to The Raven of the Bright Star. I am learning the language and the rituals and sacred formulas and myths that James Mooney wrote about. I am re-educating myself on a subject that is dear to my soul. I knew these words and had never heard them except for in dreams. Blessings of Light and Love,
    Corani Brightstar

  19. Lady Sharon says:

    Hello Heather,

    Thank you for dropping by our Kingdom.

    Take care,

    Lady Sharon

  20. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Corani,

    I am honored to have you visit us. I thanketh you for your words. I try to honor all.

    What a beautiful name you have! To be “The Raven of the Bright Star” is to be part of the earth and sky. You come from a place of light and I think you carry that light with you.

    Your ancestors were so respectful of this precious earth. You should be proud. I am not familiar with the history of your people and the beliefs that may be preventing you from being accepted. I am saddened that you you feel shunned. That is not pleasant, but happens to us sometimes.

    I pray that with time this situation can find peace. I hear your heart in your words, so I know you are on a strong path. Stay strong and listen to find a way.

    Raven of the Bright Star, thank you for giving us some of your light. May your way always be protected from harm.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  21. Corani Brightstar McIntosh says:

    My Dearest Lady Sharon,
    I am honored by your kind words. You are a blessed person yourself. What a beautiful kingdom that you oversee. Blessings of Light and Love,
    Corani Brightstar McIntosh

    (Ka lu na Tsa lv sa da No qui si)

  22. David M says:

    Thank you for your kind comments, I love your writings and story writings, We are all one race, the human race, we are all flawed and not just when it comes to my people, all people have their story to tell, as do all races. I will be visiting your site much more often as I found your article on The Trail of Tears to be full of life and truthful. Have a great day and many good blessings.

  23. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear David,

    You speaketh with peace in thy melody of words. It is an honor to have you visit our humble Kingdom. You are part of Camelot, so ride by anytime. Thank you for the blessings. May you ride forth with peace and love always by your side.

    With gratitude,

    Lady Sharon

  24. Lady Sharon,
    I am the sister-in-law of Corani Bright Star, we lost her a week ago in a house fire. Don’t know how much she shared but she was a very strong individual with Distonia Disease and was in alot of chronic pain all the time. Her native back ground kept her going when I know she felt like giving up. Her husband was her other streghth together they were great. I am trying to get the music and possibly the Utube video that is here on your website “Amazing ‘Grace in Cherokee”, for her memorial service please let me know if you can help. Thank you for being a support for her in her time of need.

  25. Lady Sharon says:

    “He alone is great who turns the voice of the wind into a song made sweeter by his own loving.”
    ~Kahlil Gibran

    Dear Debra,

    All in Camelot are so very saddened to have lost a great Knight, Lady Corani Bright Star. You are so kind to let me know that she will now ride in meadows above the earth.

    Suffering constantly with pain is so very difficult and she fought with honor and courage. This song reflects great resilience and compassion. What a beautiful idea to have this song echo in all hearts during her memorial.

    The following should help you download the video. This is one way so if you need other ideas please email me.

    (This is one way using Real Player which you download from the Internet if you do not have it.)
    Open Real Player
    Go to “File” – “New Web Browser”
    Put the below link ( address) in the space asking for address and press the arrow beside it.

    Then a window will open with the video playing in Real Player.
    If you place your cursor on top to the right of the video a little message will appear asking if you want download the video. Just click on this link
    to download the video. Follow the instructions and you will be able to download the video and then save to your computer. You can then burn it on a DVD to play at the memorial.

    Also this is the link to rebel072162 who is the one who created the video.
    You could sign in on youtube and ask this creator for assistance.

    I hope this can help you.

    Tonight in Camelot we shall look up into the heavens to find The Raven of the Bright Star, then we shall bow our heads and fall to our knees to pray for our friend with honor and gratitude. I know Ka lu na Tsa sa da No qui si Qua g shall be a firework of light for those who suffer.

    Please extend our loving thoughts to all who loved this brave warrior. Take care and ride with peace,

    Lady Sharon

  26. Evelyn says:

    I have never heard Amazing Grace sung so beautifully. My father was part Cherokee and Amazing Grace was his favorite song. I am sure he is listening from Heaven when I play this song. Thank you for graciously sharing, it has blessed me to hear the song for the first time today.

  27. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Evelyn,

    What a beautiful sentiment. This song doth touch a chord deep within us that reaches across time and space. I am sure your Father loves this song as you do.

    I thank thee for riding by Camelot and may peace follow thee always. Sweet blessings.

    Lady Sharon

  28. You all sing amazing grace real pretty. I am sorry your people had life so bad