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When did Comedy Become Cruel? Sarah Silverman Attacks Britney Spears’ Children

When did the rules change?   When did insulting children become acceptable on prime tv?     Britney Spears performed her single “Gimme More” last night on the MTV Awards with a huge audience watching this comeback performance.     Something was not right with Britney.  From the beginning she just did not seem to care.     This is someone who was a phenomenal dancer and great performer and had worked over 15 years of her young life in entertaining the world.      She was an established dancer and gymnast.    A dancer does not suddenly forget the moves.     Either Britney was not well in some way or she just did not care. 

Some reports have said that Britney heard some of Sarah Silverman’s monologue before going onstage.     If this is true one can understand the emotions that would surface, especially someone in a vulnerable state.      After her performance Sarah Silverman came onstage and began to insult Britney.     She then said,  “Have you seen Britney’s kids?  Oh my god, they are the most adorable mistakes you will ever see!”   Silverman then said.  “They are as cute as the hairless vagina they came out of.” 

This show has a large audience of young people and it is sad that these types of vicious remarks about children are allowed.     It seems with the freedom of the Internet, that disparaging remarks are becoming more common and the boundaries are being slowly eradicated.     Why is it that when life is so short, that so many are focused on hurting others?     Where is the compassion and love?     Why are so many so jealous of others and use every opportunity to knock them down? 

Words are weapons and can maim very deeply.       As someone who has suffered so much physical pain, I understand the power of words.   When you are almost broken with the constant suffering,  words become very powerful; both the words that you use in your thoughts and the words that others use around you.     One kind word from a stranger can give you strength and hope for days.     But one cruel word can bring you to your knees and almost push you over the edge.     I think the one thing I find very cowardly is kicking someone when they are down.      All of us with pain know how cruel that can feel. 

I do not know Britney,  but I feel with all her wealth and success, she is sad in some way.   She is going through a troubling time and seems to have lost control.     I pray she finds her way.    And I pray that comics hold onto boundaries, because if you loose those, you loose everything decent in this world. 

Thoughts from Lady Sharon

This is Britney’s Performance on the MTV Award Show.
[youtube= zWPJ4a732d0]

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7 Responses to “When did Comedy Become Cruel? Sarah Silverman Attacks Britney Spears’ Children”

  1. laura says:

    I totally agree. I am not a Britney Spears fan. I was horrified when I heard Sarah Silverman’s remarks about Britney’s children. That was just wrong. Really wrong. It crossed a line that really made me ill. I am a mom and if someone said that about my kid, especially broadcasting it on TV, I would commit a felony. Shame on Sarah and good luck to Britney. Sarah is a bully, and we should have ZERO toloerance for that kind of behaviour. That was beyond cruel and hurtful. If that is the only way Sarah thinks she can get laugh, maybe she ought to try dancing.

  2. Cody says:

    well you know what I laughed harder at your article then the jokes themselves. Sarah said what most of America was thinking anyways. And shame on Spears form behaving the way she has. She is the mother. The jokes should’nt hurt her half as much as she has already hurt those children. So if you cant take a joke then don’t dance on stage in your DAMN panties

  3. Lady Sharon says:


    It is nice to hear how Sarah Silverman’s words would affect you, another Mother, if her children were called “Mistakes” to the world. Thank you for understanding my point and sharing your thoughts.


    What you suggest, that America is thinking these type of thoughts, may be very popular. It may be popular, in view of the times that we live. But if something is popular, it does not make it right. And I would fight to defend any young child on this earth, from being told they were a mistake.

    Lady Sharon

  4. Viki says:

    It’s popular in some places to beat up kids who aren’t your color.
    Is that right?
    And if most of America is thinking that, so what?
    Sarah shouldn’t have said that, no matter what.

  5. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Viki,

    Thank you for understanding my position. Sometimes in this world we do things without really understanding the history of what we are doing. We do it because everyone else does it. However we do not evolve if we do not challenge our beliefs and aspire to a part of a better world.

    Sarah is not the only one who is being cruel in comedy. It is sad because comedy is one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings. It would be nice if these talented people took the time to really work out an intelligent routine using their creativity rather than go for the lazy way out.

    I thanketh you Viki for riding by Camelot and sharing your viewpoint with us. We all learn by listening to one another.

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  6. Me and my close friend were fighting about an matter very similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Kudos for the information you article.

  7. Lady Sharon says:


    You are most welcome for any assistance that Camelot provided. Please take good care.

    Lady Sharon