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Jaydee Bixby and Brian Melo Singeth “Hallelujah” and “It’s Not Unusual”

Our Jaydee Bixby giveth a tribute to one of his Idols, Sir Tom Jones.  Sir Tom Jones began singing at an early age, like Jaydee.    At the age of sixteen he left school and worked at different jobs as he pursued his singing.     It was his second release in 1965, “It’s Not Unusual” that was a smash hit and catapulted his career.     Sir Tom was 25 years old when he released this song, which became his signature song.

We are so proud of Jaydee challenging himself with these great songs.    Our Squire Jaydee sang “It’s Not Unusual”.     And following Jaydee was  his great competitor in the Joust   (Canadian Idol), Brian Melo.     We all admired Brian’s last soulful performance of  “Hallelujah”.

The song “Hallelujah” was written by the Canadian Legend “Leonard Cohen”.  Let us sit back and listen to the troubadour and great Canadian Poet sing this moving song.

Let’s step back a few years and remember this swashbuckling Welsh young man, called Tom Jones. He was 25 years old and just beginning.

And finally Brian Melo has released his first single which he sang in the finals.  Singing, “All I Ever Wanted” the conquerer, Brian Melo.

To read more about Jaydee Bixby click here. Apparently he is heading to the historic Nashville.  This is so exciting all the Knights now speaketh with country accents.

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