Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Kanye West Maketh the Knights “Better, Stronger”

As the Knights of the Pain Table were wrapped up in sleep, in the darkness of their dreams, a ship landed melting the earth beneath.     Then silence, as the Captain of the ship disembarked and looked at the fabled Knights.      The Armour for his eyes entranced them to follow him onto the ship.      As the starlight came forth faster and faster, Captain Kanye West sang the words that felt to them like their anthem.

“N-n-now th-that that don’t kill me,        Can only make me stronger”

As they eateth vegetarian sushi and sipped warm Sake, and Cassiopeia was in sight, their pain lifteth far above, leaving them with only love.      As they wept with joy, they sang the words with Kanye and they grew Stronger.

The Knights told Kanye that he should have conquered the award for “Best Video of the Year” at the VMA awards.      Heck, they thinketh he should have won for “Best Directing”, “Best Group” and even “Best Female Artist”.     Heck, he should have won every award.      In fact, they should have just had the “Kanye West Wins the VMA Awards” show.      The Knights doth jest.      But they knew Kanye loveth the ego like no other.      Neon lights flashed harder, better, faster, stronger…..

And then once more, they slept on the dark strait of land under the splendour of the moon.     Merlin was content to have sweetened their night with a little Enterprise.     In their dreams they were once more much “Stronger”.

We will save our tale of the “Umberella” for another night, as we don’t want our Kanye to make off in flight.     We love to jest and we love Kanye’s “Stronger”.

Listen to Kanye sing “Everything I Am”.


Rose of Sharon
Scribe for the Knights of the Pain Table

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