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Nocturnal Reverie Sing-Along with Monty Python and The Knights of the Pain Table

Nocturnal Reverie

The Knights of the Pain Table slept well back in their home of Camelot. King Arthur proclaimed a night of merriment for his Knights of Honour.  A feast made of laughter was brought forth before thy Knights.

Wine and mead maketh them merry, as bejewelled court jesters danced amid raucous cheers.     Minstrels played their harps and mandolins as Queen Guinevere, a lady fair,  danced upon the Great Hall Floor.     Methinks Merlin made the mead, as we all seemed to have regal wings.     King Arthur spoke in a lovely enchanting language, sweetened with honey, and he laughed with such universal harmony.    Twas a night of Nocturnal Reverie.

Behold, it was the hour of Midnight.    It was a time of rapture and song.   It was a time for a sing a long.

Now why don’t you try that again, but this time thou must sing the lyrics. 

We’re Knights of the Pain Table,
We dance when ere we’re able,
We do routines and chorus scenes
With footwork impeccable.
We dine well here in Camelot,
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot.
We’re Knights of the Pain Table,
Our show are formidable,
But many times, we’re given rhymes
That are quite unsingable.
We’re Opera mad in Camelot,
We sing from the diaphragm
a looooooot.
In war we’re tough and able,
Quite indefatigable,
Between our quests we sequin vests,
And impersonate Clark Gable.
It’s a busy life in Camelot,
I have to push the pram a lot.

Ye blessed reader, ye heard the call, and the heavens laugh with you in your jubilee. 

I will put my pen to rest as I must now push the pram a lot or go eat some jam and spam a lot.   We have all drunk the milk of pure joy tonight. 

Your Scribe a lot,
Lady Sharon of Camelot

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2 Responses to “Nocturnal Reverie Sing-Along with Monty Python and The Knights of the Pain Table”

  1. sophie says:

    dow you have a long tabel

  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Sophie,

    We needeth a long table to fit all the Knyghts from all over the world….

    Rideth well Sophie,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot