Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

A Code of Chivalry in the War of Chronic Pain – Strength from the Dark Ages

Knights Code of Honour

In this Kingdom of Camelot with our King Arthur, there is a Code of Chivalry for all, including the Knights of the Pain Table.    A Knight that battles the Darkest of Knights (Pain ) both day and night has such a great onslaught to endure.    Why then should there be rules during this assault with the Dark Knight?  For the Dark Knight seems to show no mercy upon our souls.

King Arthur, a war hero in the Dark Ages, witnessed, like many warriors, the cruelty, jealousy, hatred, pain, greed and suffering in this world.     I believe King Arthur understood that these erosive elements came from a place of chaos, deep within a person.    Arthur’s quest was to create a refuge from the suffering and cruelty of the world in a place called Camelot.

But Arthur knew that to attain this sanctuary, he and all other residents, needed to see these erosive elements in their own hearts first.    The Knight’s Code of Honour held everyone to a higher standard than others outside the Kingdom.    To develop this Knight’s Code of Honour for this Kingdom, I came upon a brilliant insightful website “Chivarly Today” that explained Chivalry and why it is just as important today as in the Medieval times.    Scott Farrell, the author of the website, is very knowledgeable and his website helped me understand the importance of Chivalry in our fight against the Darkest of Warriors, Chronic Pain.

Scott writes, “The Code of Chivalry was nothing less than the slow but unquenchable fire that forged order out of chaos, burning away the dross of violence, ignorance and self-interest, and creating an alloy of strength, wisdom and compassion.”

The war with the Dark Knight can be so brutal and so full of non stop torture that a person can easily loose themselves in the battle.    Pain can take everything from you.   You are left with bitterness, anger, pain, grief, isolation, and despair.    Since the Dark Knight is invisible, the frustration and desperation of not being believed by others can steal your soul.    It is understandable to then have a deep need to kill the Dark Knight with all your might.  But killing the Dark Knight will kill part of you, for there is a purpose even in pain.

The answer is perhaps difficult to understand.     If you can battle the Dark Knight but maintain a Code of Honour then you cannot loose yourself in the war.    To understand the Dark Knight and have compassion towards the Dark Knight, may help you both, find the way to peace.

King Arthur and many others throughout history learned how the Code of Chivalry  was really about virtues such as hope, kindness, respect, integrity and courage.     All our heroes in legends and myths, personified these virtues, even in the midst of great overwhelming circumstances.    Choosing to live these virtues even in the midst of interminable suffering is what makes a Knight of the Pain Table a hero in my eyes.

No one can live these virtues every moment,  but I think to aspire to live them is what is important.     No one may seem to see the great battle that you have been thrust into, but in  Camelot we see what others cannot see.    We feel what others cannot feel.   We kneel to honour you, a Knight of the Pain Table.

With Grace and Understanding,

The Rose of Sharon (Lady Sharon)
A Knight of the Pain Table

Visit Scott Farrell’s website Chivalry Today

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  1. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Alexis,

    I thanketh you for visiting our Kingdom. Your insights are most welcome and I encourage all those who suffer to seek answers even if the quest is often overwhelming.

    Ride thee well Alexis,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot