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March of the Penguins – Small Knights with Hearts of Courage and Love

Movie Review
Is there a language that all creatures of this earth speak?    Have humans lost the ability to listen and recognize this special language?   The film “March of the Penguins” speaks in that universal language and we are at one with the Emperor Penguins.

In the heart of Antarctica, the most isolated and rigorous region on earth, an incredible journey takes place.   Thousands of Emperor Penguins walk in single file across frozen ice from the freezing sea and head to their breeding ground, as they have for millennia.    Their tale begins with this first arduous long journey of about 70 miles.     Over the next year they will endure blizzards with gale force winds, starvation, chicks that cannot survive, predators, unbelievable distances to walk, abandonment, grief and death.     And throughout their journey their indomitable spirit, courage of the heart, patience, loyalty, humility, nobility and great love for each other will overcome all that encompasses them.  They seem to be following   “The Knight’s Code of Honor”.

Morgan Freeman,  with his veracious comforting voice narrates this great tale.   The director,   Luc Jacquet writes on their website,   March of the Penguins,   the following words:

With short steps, bent under the pitiless burden of a driving snowstorm,   the emperor penguin labours through a vast labyrinth of ice.  Around him, all is white, all is in violent flux.  Yet the valiant bird never falters, undaunted by seemingly insurmountable obstacles.     He keeps going. In this land where no other creature ventures,  the emperor continues on to his romantic rendezvous.     As it follows the winter migration of the emperor penguin,   “March of the Penguins”  tells a tale of legendary proportions, portraying the strange, spectacular destiny of powerful and emotionally-involving characters, rich in courage and humour, mystery and manifest drama.

Luc Jacquet narrates the bonus feature  “Of Penguins and Men”,   which shows the great care and dedication in the making of this amazing film.   The director and crew show tremendous respect for these little warriors.    Luc in this feature describes the paradox of Antartica,  where Splendour and Sadness exist side by side. 

From the first moment of the film, “March of the Penguins”, one is mesmerized by these Knights of the Antarctica.    Their Kingdom holds great obstacles, yet they find a way to remain noble. 

Sometimes,  as human beings,  we listen to the wrong voices.    We look in the wrong places to find the answers that impel us forward.  But in this film if we listen, we can hear the hearts of courage and love in these little creatures.    Their hearts can remind us of our own courage and indomitable spirit. and that we are not alone.

We have lost respect for those who live on this planet with us.  We choose not to hear their voice.  Yet I believe that we can learn so much from our fellow creatures.  We need more compassion and respect and less ego and ignorance. 

So if thou art a Knight of the Pain Table, perhaps you should ride with these little  Warriors of the Antarctica, as they follow their Quest of Survival.   They will captivate you in a way that will light a candle in your heart.

We thanketh the director, Luc Jacquet, and all those involved in making this great film about a Kingdom far far away.   Our thoughts will forever flow back to the bank of the penguins too.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of the Knights of the Pain Table News

To visit  their website click “March of the Penguins”

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