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Paul Potts doth Bestow his “One Chance” Blessing en Mexico y en Toronto

Paul Potts

Our Welsh Minstrel, doth sing for the people of this world.    In each Kingdom that our Sir Paul hath visited, the people have embraced his voice with great passion.   We are so proud of his courage and his humility as he rides to the far corners of the earth.   Youtube hath given the world a gift by allowing us to see and hear across the sea this most gifted man. 

Paul Potts en Mexico.  They are passionate about Paul.    Ellos son apasionados acerca de Paul.  We love that sombrero.   Paul parece mono en un sombrero.

   Paul Potts sings  “O Holy Night”,   Lady Sharon’s favourite Christmas song. 

 “O Holy Night”,    is one of the bonus tracks on the Christmas Edition of his album  “One Chance”.    The other bonus tracks are “Silent Night”,  “Ave Maria”,  and  “Panis Angelicus”.

Paul Potts, singing “Cavatina” from his new album.

May we be a channel of blessings for all that we meet.

~Edgar Cayce

Paul had a gift but he could not always share it, due to illness and events in his life.   But Paul was patient and held his gift close to his heart.  He did not forget the gift that was given him.    When we suffer from unrelenting pain, the gifts that we were given seem to get lost, as the pain is like a heavy mist that wipes out everything.    With time we forget who we once were, and what amazing things we could do.  Those around often stop believing in us also.     And remembering can be so painful that often we choose to bury our gifts forever.

I believe when we hear Paul sing, we celebrate the gift that he never forgot.    And it reminds us of our own gifts that we might have lost faith in, somewhere along the desolate road.

We thanketh Paul for being a channel of blessings for all those who he meets.

Adoramos a Paul Potts.    The Knights of the Pain Table will always ride with their Welsh Minstrel,   Sir Paul.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of The Knights of the Pain Table 

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4 Responses to “Paul Potts doth Bestow his “One Chance” Blessing en Mexico y en Toronto”

  1. What a run he’s been on? I really hope he will last a long time. He is an amazing man!

  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Sir Herman,

    Our Welsh Minstrel we love and do believe also that he will be singing for many years to come. Thank you for your visit to our Kingdom. We always love to hear your comments and love when you ride by.

    Lady Sharon

  3. steve hansen says:

    a great singer

  4. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Sir Steve,

    We thinketh Paul Potts is a singer great also. We thanketh you for stopping at Camelot.

    Lady Sharon and all in Camelot