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Helio Castroneves Wins the Joust Á Plaisir on Dancing with the Stars – Mel B. Brilliant

Dancing with the Stars

The Knight of Brazil, Helio Castroneves  and the Knight of Spice, Melanie Brown were the last knights to dance in the tournament “Dancing with the Stars”. 

The armour worn upon these knights melted as they were “Hot Hot Hot”. 

Our Knight of Spice,  Scary,  and  Maksim Chmerkovskiy doth armed with the Mambo,  mesmerized the audience.    We loveth this dancer Mel B.     These two steamed up the dance floor each week with their originality and brilliant dancing.  
 Mel and Maks in the Season Finale.

Our Knight of Brazil,   Helio,  and  Julianne Hough dazzled the audience each week with their effervescence and contagious smiles.    Helio wore a suit of charm and bewitched us with his hard work and amazing attitude.

In the Season Finale, Helio and Julianne.

With gratitude and humility our Knights graced the dance floor once more. 

The winner of the Joust of Dance was    Sir Helio, Knight of Brazil.

Accolades to Helio and Mel B. 
Marie Osmond,   Maiden of the Dolls,  amazed us and added so much fun to the tournament. 

Tonight Helio will dazzle himself when he looks in the Mirrorball Trophy and doth see his beautiful smile.

Lady Sharon,
Dancing with the Knights of the Pain Table


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