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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – Movie Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

 A   Christmas  Carol

The Medieval Christmas traditions combined the celebration of the birth of Christ with the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, a pagan celebration for the Roman god of agriculture, and the Germanic winter festival of Yule.    At the time of the Industrial Revolution allowed workers little time for the celebration of Christmas.   

However the Christmas stories of Charles Dickens, particularly his 1843 masterpiece,   A Christmas Carol, rekindled the joy of Christmas in Britain and in America. 

Dicken’s description of the holiday  included a  “kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time.”  Charles Dicken’s name became associated with Christmas and “A Christmas Carol” (published in 1843 )  became his best loved and most read of all his books.  We do loveth this story.   

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“You took these down rings and all with him lying there.”

“Are these shadows of what must be, or only of what might be?”

The Ghost of Christmas Future finishes his journey with Ebenezer.

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“A Christmas Present for me?”

“Can you forgive a pigheaded old fool for having no eyes to see with and no ears to hear with all these years.”

Ebenezer is enraptured with his chance to start over as the spirits did it all in one night.

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“Which leaves me no alternative but to raise your salary, Bob Cratchit!”

“God Bless Us Everyone”

 We can forgive a pigheaded old fool.   Of course we would like to join in the jig and go shopping with Tiny Tim.   

God Bless Us Everyone!

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