Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Medieval Life 104 – Part 1 – History of Christmas Through the Ages

| January 3, 2008

History of Christmas Christmas as we know it today, evolved over many centuries with many changes along the way.  Let us travel through the ages to understand how this Sacred celebration has come to be. Christmas  is derived from the Middle English “Christemasse”,  and Old English “Cristes mæsse”  (Christ’s Mass),   a phrase first recorded in […]

Seal Singeth “Amazing”, a Kaleidoscope of Sound and Rapturous Soul

| January 3, 2008

Amazing Seal, has been chosen to lead us into the New Year with this uplifting song “Amazing”. “Amazing” is the first single from his critically acclaimed album, System.  This video is amazing. Me thinketh this video is like an aura before a migraine attack.  Did Lewis Carroll direct this video?   We get the vibe Seal […]