Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Heath Ledger, The Knight of Our Hearts – Thy Soul into the Realms Above

Heath Ledger 1979 – 2008

“A silent heart whose silence loves and longs;
The silence of a heart which sang its song
While youth and beauty made a summer morn,
Silence of love that cannot sing again.”

~Christina Rossetti

Heath Ledger,  thy Knight, Sir William Thatcher, of “A Knight’s Tale”,  has taken a long ride to the realms above.    Born,  Heathcliff,  after the tormented Heathcliff in  ‘Wuthering Heights’,  he swept through life leaving ripples of his gift.     Heath did seek perfection and did act with a poet’s eye.    The anguish in his own cells, he gave to the characters that he bore.

In this movie, A Knight’s Tale,   he  leads a dance with his great charm.

In the movie,   Brokeback Mountain,  he gave a brilliant performance that did show the deep suffering within.    As the cowboy,  Ennis Del Mar,  he emitted the dark world inside,  when someone cannot live their truth.    It took great courage to take on that role and it will be remembered.     In Camelot we believe in truth, and were touched by Heath’s performance.

Heath Ledger was an actor of great depth who chose difficult characters that he could live in.    I did not know this talented actor,  but I sensed a sadness within,  that he did reveal in his vulnerability when acting.

Alas!  We have lost a young Knight too soon.  We sendeth our prayers to his family and daughter,  Matilda Rose.    He now rides among the harps.

Fare thee well  Knight of our Hearts,

Lady Sharon,
Scribe of The Knights of the Pain Table

“As from the darkening gloom a silver dove
Upsoars, and darts into the Eastern light,
On pinions that naught moves but pure delight,
So fled thy soul into the realms above.”

~  John Keats

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