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Singing in the Rain – George Sampson Conquers “Britain’s Got Talent”

George Sampson

The joust of “Britain’s Got Talent” has finished and a young 14 year old breakdancer, George Sampson didst dance with his heart and conquered the contest.   Congratulations George!   Last year George auditioned for “Britain’s Got Talent”, a British TV show that searches for the best amateur talent act, and features singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other talents of all ages.  He unfortunately did not make it into the semi-finals.

This year, this young squire, a student of Birchwood High School in Cheshire,  auditioned again, and this time danced his way to the finals along with Andrew Johnston, Faryl Smith and Kate & Gin.  For the finals he reprised his “Singing in the Rain” routine, which captivated the audience for the semi-finals.  Following in the footsteps of Gene Kelly, George happily danced amid the pouring rain.

On Saturday night with amazing competition and 14.4 million viewers, his creative dance won the grand prize.  George Sampson earned £100,000  and will perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen and members of the Royal Family at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool.

George was overcome when his name was announced.  He has said that he wants to pay his mum’s mortgage off for a start.  George and Andrew Johnston have become good friends during the show.

George’s winning dance routine was inspired by a car commercial from 2005, for the Volkswagen Golf GTi.  The commercial featured a computer manipulated Gene Kelly appearing to break dance to “Singing in the Rain” instead of his famous tap routine.  The hip hop moves in the commercial are actually performed by David ‘Elsewhere’ Bernal, an illusionary dancer from California.

The music in the commercial was a remix of the song “Singing in the Rain” by Mint Royale, a big beat electronic music act from Manchester, England.  Since the finals of “Britain’s Got Talent” this song has become #1 in the UK midweek singles chart.

There was great talent this year in the British TV show, especially with the younger competitors.  Gin, a border collie, and her best friend Kate did not win, but we think this four-legged wonder should have been given a special prize as she also danced her little heart out.  We love you Gin!

We loveth this show and congratulate all the great competitors this year.  We know we will see more of them all.    We cannot wait.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of The Knights of the Pain Table

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30 Responses to “Singing in the Rain – George Sampson Conquers “Britain’s Got Talent””

  1. yasmin says:

    i love goerge samson i want to meet him

  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Yasmin,

    I hope your dream comes true and one day you and George will cross paths. If you read about his outlook on life, you find a wonderful spirit that is mature beyond his years.

    Let’s continue to watch this talented young dancer as he moves forward in his career.

    Have a beautiful day Yasmin,

    Lady Sharon

  3. coolcat4yade says:

    I hope your dream comes true and one day you and George will cross paths. If you read about his outlook on life, you find a wonderful spirit that is mature beyond his years.

    Let’s continue to watch this talented young dancer as he moves forward in his career.

  4. coolcat4yade says:

    U have a good carrer a head of you so please make sure u do it without crippling urr self!

    call me

  5. george is amazing i would love to meet him so bad because i am a dancer just like him but noone i feal believes in me when i dance you are truley inspiring!!!laurie-ann

  6. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Laurie-Ann,

    George seems to have a magic attraction when he dances. He is very popular. I believe he has a passion for dance, as you do. George worked very hard to dance that well even living with a back disease.

    Sometimes you will be surrounded by people who don’t believe in you. Some of the greatest people in history had times when no one believed in them. Dancing is a skill so you will get better each time. You can just decide that you want to learn dancing and don’t worry about being a dancer. Just dance whenever you can. Youtube has free lessons.

    Take good care Laurie-Ann and I hope you meet George one day.

  7. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Coolcat4yade and Ana,

    Happy you are passionate about George. I agree he should perhaps be careful of his spine as he is still young. I am sure he appreciates all your good wishes.

    Take care,

    Lady Sharon

  8. Lady Sharon says:

    Update on George Sampson

    Since winning George Sampson, who has just turned 15, has to have two bodyguards wherever he goes as he is often mobbed by screaming teenage girls. He will be Simon Cowell’s first non-musical signing. He will also star in a video for the Mint Royale remix of Singin’ In The Rain, which has been No. 1 in the singles chart since George performed to it on the show.

    George has also signed a major advertising deal with NatWest for the NatWest Adapt campaign. He will appear on the front of bank cards. He also in the process of making his own music video
    which will be released on the 3rd August as a music DVD to buy online and certain shops.

    George is on a wild ride. Congratulations George!

  9. Sophie Breakwell says:

    I Love George Sampson YEY!

  10. Lady Sharon says:

    Hey Sophie,

    We love George too! YEY!

    Lady Sharon

  11. laurie ann says:

    I dance every single day of my life since i was 2 i”ve been doing serious dance lessons i”ll proberly never met george but if i did i wouldn”t treat him like the other girls do i”d treat him like the normal person that he is but my god it would be amazing to dance with him!!!thanks for replying!!!

  12. LAURIE ANN says:


  13. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Laurie Ann,

    So happy to know you are striving to follow your heart even when it is difficult. You sound like George as he did not let anything stop him either. As you know dance is an art and a dancer uses their body as an artist uses their brush. It is important to have good training to develop technique but ultimately great dance is about communicating with something deeper than technique.

    I can feel your passion in your words and I imagine it shows in your dance. Thank you for riding by again and we do pray one day you can meet George and perhaps even dance with him.

    Take good care Laurie Ann and visit anytime.

    Lady Sharon

    P.S. If you have chance to watch the show “So You Think You Can Dance”, it is fascinating to see these dancers move into different genres. Some performances have moved me deeply. Keep Dancing!

  14. George Sampson is a BABE and i love him to bits

  15. Sammy o x o x says:

    George Sampson is the fittest 15 yr old in the world!

  16. jayden dyker says:

    my daughter actually reeally loves george sampson and looks at his pictuer every day all day and is obsssed with him and loves his dancing so much that she spends all day practising and has seen him inn concert,so i would reeally bee sss happy if i could get someone to leave me his fan mail addrss if possible,please.thank you sooo much

  17. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Robyn and Sammy,

    George Sampson is touching a lot of hearts out in the world. He dances constantly so his he must be very fit.

    Thank you both for stopping by and cheering on George.

    Lady Sharon

  18. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Jayden,

    How lovely that George is inspiring young people to dance and dream. I checked to see where you could send fan mail to this incredibly popular guy.

    George Sampson’s Official Website is
    where you can read his blog and find links to his other websites.

    Bebo Site

    Facebook Page

    Viewer Inquiries on ITV (Independant Television in Britian), which airs “Britain’s Got Talent”, have this contact email address.
    You can perhaps ask them where to forward mail to George.

    I wish you luck and I thanketh you for riding by. If any other readers have other information, please feel free to drop a note.

    Your Humble Scribe,
    Lady Sharon

  19. shane says:

    george ur the best dancer i have ever known in my hole life that ive seen we was all hoping for you to get threw to the and win theres to videos on my bebo of you dancing add this to ur bebo i will accept you soon as i log back in cya

  20. Lady Sharon says:

    Hey Shane,

    I am sure George would love to hear you think he is the best dancer you have ever known. George has a lot of people who love him.

    George does have a Bebo account so I hope he sees your profile. Thank you Shane for visiting the Kingdom of Camelot.

    Keep dancing and take care,

    Lady Sharon

  21. nichola says:

    i love george sampson so much i want him!

  22. Jameela says:


  23. Lady Sharon says:

    Hey Nichola and Jameela,

    OMG George is amazing and he seems to be really down to earth and a fun guy. You could write to George on his MySpace page.
    or sign up as a fan on hi Bebo Page

    George was recently at the Pride of Britain awards and impressed everyone by being so genuine and kind.

    Thanks for stopping by Nichola and Jameela,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  24. hey george,

    i love you morn than any one else
    i want to be with you every day please let me see you
    love you 4 ever

    nichola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. charlotte lingley says:

    george is so fit and his dances ar fantastic he is so fit he shoud carrie on with his dances he is so gorguze i want to meet him he is graet !!!

  26. Lady Sharon says:

    Hey Nichola and Charlotte,

    I sure hope George feels the love. His dances are fantastic and hopefully you will be able to meet him.
    George Sampson will be releasing his debut single ‘Get Up On The Dance Floor’ on November 24 and you can watch the video at this link
    He also will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show soon.
    In addition he is scheduled to appear at this year’s Royal Variety Performance on December 10.

    Let’s all support this talented performer. Thanks for throwing some love to George.
    Take good care.

    Lady Sharon

  27. Shauna says:

    Awwww…….. I would Love 2 meet George Sampson he is my idol i would die nd id cry soo much hahaha I Love Him!!!!!!!!!! He is an fantastic dancer nd singer!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Shauna says:

    I dont love him coz he is famous or a gud dancer i love him coz he seems like a relly nice nd cool person!!!!!

  29. nigel says:

    you are the best dancer i have ever seen i would like to meet you

  30. Lady Sharon says:

    Hello Shauna and Nigel,

    Thank you for sharing your passion for this very talented young dancer. I think he will continue to amaze us.

    Take care,

    Lady Sharon