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Poets with Migraines -“Putting Our Heads Together” Poetry Contest Winners for 2008

“A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison.”

~ Francis Beacon Sr.

 To be in such a prison of pain is very hard to describe, as it is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the infliction.  Teri Robert,  a Lead Expert for, encouraged those who suffer from migraines to effuse their experiences into a poem for others to read.   The result was a poetry contest called “Putting Our Heads Together”.  The winners for this contest were recently published on HealthCentral’s, an excellent site for people who endure migraines.  The entries were judged by MAGNUM,  the National Migraine Association (  

 Drumroll Please. The winners were:

First Place: Massive Migraine by mopar496
Second Place: Car-jacked by Roey
Third Place: Perpetually Now by MaxJerz
Fourth Place: The Keeper by desrivgir

Honorable Mention:

My Ghostly Shadow by SEG
A Rare Day by cdelavarre
Pain Inside My Head by thedoglady
The Thorn by Brynnwriter
The Stranger’s Eyes by Roey

 This year’s winner was mopar496 who penned “Massive Migraine”. 

 Massive Migraine

 Whole like a tangerine
Quiet as pillow whispers
A black hole
The center of the universe
Mad scientist drilling and sawing
At a hole in your face
The hot lamp burns yellow and red
Garish summer sunstroke
Shut your eyes
Blue and black pound away
Jack hammers in the night
Cut out the sunlight
Black out knock out
Blankets wash over you
Cold crisp cotton sheets
Shock your skin covered skeleton
Claw the corners
Turn on the firelight
A head demon transcribes
Wipe the stars away
The day
The sun
The morning has come
Peel your head like a tangerine
Flower petals in a stream
Force fingers in your face
Stretching skin like sin
Extract the evil from within
Kick out the cavity
Kick off from gravity
Dark side of the moon
Return course to the source
Pop pills like Reese’s Pieces
Tear up your lease
Lease out your head
Heaven in your helmet
Calm like the dead
Calm and collected

With mopar496’s vivid imagery we travel to that place of inexplicable pain.   A “black hole” is a massive astrophysical object with gravitational forces so strong that even light cannot escape.   For those who have endured a severe migraine, they understand the tremendous force a migraine has on the body and the mind.  The force is so great it is virtually impossible to escape.

“Cold crisp cotton sheets shock your skin covered skeleton” expresses the extreme sensitivity of the whole body to any sensation when in the midst of migraine pain.    Migraine attacks are often associated with Cutaneous Allodynia which is believed to be due to a transient increases in the responsiveness of central pain neurons that process information arising from the skin.

 Thanketh you mopar496 for writing with your heart.

“The Keeper”, a poem by desrivgirl, came in at fourth place and it personifies pain as a silent keeper, which speaks the truth about severe pain.   You are kept under “his torturous thumb” a victim of torture that only sufferers can understand.   And no matter how much you fight you are eventually forced to give in.

There are many Knights of the Pain Table hidden in the dark corners of the world fighting to break through from migraine pain.  For those who face this dark warrior each day they deserve the noblest of honours.

Congratulations to all those who wrote of their pain.  We pray you have comfort when you despair and  that one day thou will not have to face this dark force called “Migraine.”

Thank you Teri Roberts (,),   Health Central Network ( and  MAGNUM (The National Migraine Association) for caring for those who suffer.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of The Knights of the Pain Table News

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6 Responses to “Poets with Migraines -“Putting Our Heads Together” Poetry Contest Winners for 2008”

  1. Teri Robert says:

    Thanks for helping us get the word out and share everyone’s poetry!


  2. Marianne says:

    Wow, that’s actually quite a beautiful poem for such a painful subject. Peel your head like a tangerine, man. I can relate.

  3. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Teri,

    It is an honor to have you visit our humble Kingdom. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere wilcume you to the Knights of the Pain Table. You have been a White Knight to all those who suffer migraines. Even when thou is suffering you reached out to others. You are a true Knyght.

    I suggest that anyone who experiences migraines visit your site as it is a great resource.

    I thanketh you for caring about all those who suffer the pain of migraines. We pray that your pain is eased.

    Your humble Scribe of Camelot
    Lady Sharon

  4. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Marianne,

    This poem does inject a reality to those who suffer. I thanketh you for stopping by and preye that you find relief from your pain.

    Take good care.

    Lady Sharon

  5. Teri Robert says:


    Thank you, dear Lady. Sorry I’ve not been back for so long. I need to subscribe to your RSS feed and keep track of things here in the Kingdom.

    BTW, the poetry contest is an annual event. We’ll start taking entries again in April.

    peace and blessings,

  6. Lady Sharon says:

    Dear Lady Teri,

    With gentle grace you honor us once again. Merlin has a special chair for you, dear Knight of the Pain Table, with your name. King Arthur sayeth that you are part of a blessed Kingdom where Knights never ride alone. So lay down your sword, and sit down in the Great Hall with King Arthur and all your fellow Knights. We doth toast you Lady Teri and are joyous you are part of the Pain Table.

    With admirations and compassion,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of the Kingdom of Camelot