Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

And on a Monday We’re Gonna Love Jully Black’s “Seven Day Fool” or Jester

| July 31, 2008

Jully  Black Ok,   putteth your hands in the air dear Knights.  We’re gonna get down with some heavy hitting music by the incredible Jully Black.    Come forth thy Serfs,  thy Samurai,  thy Han Warriors,  thy Lords, thy  Ladies and thy Bards. Come forth all.   Wave your swords in the air and lay your armour on the […]

Medieval Help Desk for Thee in Camelot from Merlin

| July 12, 2008

Myrddin (Merlin) Doth Announce  Medieval  Help  Desk  for  Thee Attention:  Knaves, Lords, Ladyes, Peasants, Knights, Vassals, Friars, Squires, Viscounts, Shire-reeves, Stewards, Pardoners, Jesters, Scribes, Serfs and All those in Camelot. In Camelot of late many hath spoken of their confusion with the new technology that has graced our lands.    King Arthur didst seeketh the conseil […]

Begging You for Mercy, Why won’t you Release Me – by Duffy

| July 6, 2008

Duffy  “You got me begging you for mercy Why won’t you release me You got me begging you for mercy Why won’t you release me”  Misere -Thy  Darke   Knyght of  Pain I tighten the rein upon my destrier.  I draw my sword to hold it before the Darke Knyght of Pain.  The metals clash upon […]

Terry Fator Doth Sign Contract with the Las Vegas Mirage

| July 1, 2008

Terry   Fator Our Prince of Voices, Terry Fator hath conquered Las Vegas.  All in Camelot drinketh to celebrate this wondrous achievement.    Bravo Terry!  It seems it was just yesterday when this amazing performer appeared in  “America’s Got Talent”  and dazzled everyone with his unique and rich talent.    This humble and compassionate ventriloquist won our hertes […]