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Terry Fator Doth Sign Contract with the Las Vegas Mirage

Terry   Fator

Our Prince of Voices, Terry Fator hath conquered Las Vegas.  All in Camelot drinketh to celebrate this wondrous achievement.    Bravo Terry!  It seems it was just yesterday when this amazing performer appeared in  America’s Got Talent and dazzled everyone with his unique and rich talent.    This humble and compassionate ventriloquist won our hertes along with  “America’s Got Talent”.    Since his winning performance, he has thrilled audiences at the Las Vegas Hilton with his brilliant talent. 

Terry leaves us in awe as his celebrity impressions range from Tony Bennett and Etta James to Marvin Gaye and Elvis.   Let us peak in on Terry as he performs with Cowboy Walter and Julius.

Our Prince hath appeared on Oprah,  Ellen and David Letterman with his dear little friends.    Between shows,  Terry has scribed his autobiography called  “Who’s the Dummy Now?”.    ( We hopeth that Emma is not upset with this title since it uses the “D” word! )

Terry has also performed at a private show for Nancy Reagan as a fundraiser for the Reagan Library.   He hath also met President Bush in his travels.

Terry Fator has now signed a five-year $100 million dollar deal to headline for 48 weeks a year at The Mirage in Las Vegas beginning in February 2009.    And the most exciting part is that he will have his own theatre named  “The Terry Fator Theatre”  at The Mirage.  Mead for everyone!    We thinketh Winston should be given second billing as he touches our hertes like no other. 

Terry will finish out the year at the Las Vegas Hilton.    Tickets are available online at the Las Vegas Hilton website here.    Or you can call  800-222-5361  for tickets.

We doth preye that Terry’s sister Debi is having less pain with her new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis.  We are thinking of you Debi. 

We loveth Terry,  Winston the Impersonating Turtle,  Emma Taylor and all of Terry’s friends.    Listen to this wonderful interview with our Prince of Voices,  Terry Fator, with Ira David Sternberg broadcast from the Las Vegas Hilton. 

Terry we will always ride by your side wherever you go.   Ride on dear Prince.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of the Knights of the Pain Table

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5 Responses to “Terry Fator Doth Sign Contract with the Las Vegas Mirage”

  1. Lady Sharon says:

    Update on Terry

    Terry Fator’s appearance on David Letterman will be airing again on July 4th, 2008, so if you missed it this is a good time to see Terry. One of Terry Fator’s dreams was to be on David Letterman.

  2. Funny Dummy says:

    The amount of worldly success Terry has experienced over the last year is incredible! To think Terry was on the verge of bankruptcy as recently as a year or two ago is hard to fathom. Keep up the great work Terry!

  3. Lady Sharon says:

    Wilcume Funny Dummy,

    Thank you for telling us about Terry’s incredible journey. Paul Potts, who won “Britain’s Got Talent” was also deeply in debt, due to illness, before he won the contest. Both Terry and Paul worked very hard and never abandoned their talents no matter how hard it was for them. I think that is why they both touched the veiwers on a very deep level.

    We visited your website and were excited to see you following your heart. Ventriloquism is an art and it takes a great deal of work to bring people to a place where they can expand their imagination and believe the performance before them.

    Sir Justin, keep riding upon your path wth Guido as we feel you have many adventures yet to come. Thank you for riding by.

    Take care,

    Lady Sharon
    Scribe of Camelot

  4. I would like to know if Winston the impersonating turtle puppet will go on sale to the public? I had heard Terry’s puppets will make the Christmas market? Can anyone shed some light on this subject? Thank you, Kas

  5. Lady Sharon says:

    Greetings Kas,

    It would be wonderful if Terry’s little friends were available for the public. I have left an inquiry on Terry Fator’s website, so if I receive an answer I will forward the information.

    Take care Kas,

    Lady Sharon