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And on a Monday We’re Gonna Love Jully Black’s “Seven Day Fool” or Jester

Jully  Black

Ok,   putteth your hands in the air dear Knights.  We’re gonna get down with some heavy hitting music by the incredible Jully Black.    Come forth thy Serfs,  thy Samurai,  thy Han Warriors,  thy Lords, thy  Ladies and thy Bards.

Come forth all.   Wave your swords in the air and lay your armour on the ground.    We’re having a Camelot Revival.    The place is blazing right here.    Brothers and Sisters you gotta show her some love.  Gotta show her some luv!

 Give it up for our girl, the dynamic Jully Black singing “Seven Day Fool”.

 We thanketh Jully for that phenomenal rendition of “Seven Day Fool”,  which was first recorded in 1961 by Etta James, a legendary American singer/ songwriter.    Written by Billy Davis,  the song is timeless as it sounds as hip as it was in the 60’s.     This is the first single from Jully’s second album, Revival.     It is her first top 10 single and has caught fire in Canada.    And the video adds even a greater power to the music.

Jully Black’s cool vibe just oozes out of her vocals.    She began singing as a child while attending Sunday church services in Toronto.    Her career, thus far,  includes writing songs for Destiny’s Child and Nas.    She has also shared the stage with Jay-Z,   50 Cent,   Bon Jovi,   Josh Groban and Usher.    At the Canadian Music Awards she won a Juno for Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year and her song  “Seven Day Fool” was nominated for “Single of the Year”.

Ten out of the eleven songs on “Revival” were written by Jully.    On her website she describes how she felt revived in her life and the album is a euphoric celebration of embracing life.     She also acknowledges that “Revival” is a nod to legendary black artists of the past – inspired by old Motown, James Brown and even Jimi Hendrix.

Definition of Revival:   a restoration to life; consciousness, vigor, strength; a new take on a classic piece of art; a spiritual service;  a joyful heart;  a reemerging; an awakening.

Jully writes in her blog   “After all, the Stage is my pulpit and (I) believe music is a ministry for all.”   Whatever Jully  is preaching, we are buying it!      We loveth her fearlessness and her attitude,  which seeps into her music. 

Let’s get real with Jully….On a Thursday we’re gonna love her…

Lady Sharon
A Soulful Knight of the Pain Table

Visit Jully Black’s website for tour details and her updated blog.
Listen the original version by Etta James.

Seven Day Fool Lyrics

And on a Monday
I’m gonna love ya
And on a Tuesday
I’m gonna hug ya
And on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
gonna love ya
I work for you baby, work my hand to the bone
Care for you, baby, till you come home
Do for you, baby, for the love that I seek
Slave for you, baby, every day of the week
(And on a Monday)
scrub your dirty floor
(On a Tuesday)
I do a whole lot more
(On a Wednesday)
I wash your dirty clothes
To have a little lovin’ ‘fore the weekend goes 


And I’ll be (I’ll be), your seven-day fool  And I’ll be (I’ll be),
your seven-day fool   And I’ll be (I’ll be),
your seven-day fool   Only because I really love you
(Repeat Verse 1 and Verse 2)


(And on a Thursday) I’ll treat you oh so kind
(And on a Friday) I’ll take you out to dine
(And on a Sunday) I’ll work double time
If you will only say you’re be mine
(Repeat Chorus)
(On a Monday) ya I’m gonna love ya
(On a Tuesday) oh I’m gonna hug ya
(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
yeah give me all of that love
(And on a Monday) I scrub your dirty floor
(On a Friday) I do a whole lot more
(On a Sunday) I wash your dirty clothes
To have a little lovin’ ‘fore the weekend goes
(Repeat Chorus)
I really love you
I really love you
I’m just a seven day fool
I really love you

Oh on a Monday, I’m gonna love ya
And on a Tuesday I’m gonna hug ya
On a (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) gonna love ya

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