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Finding Camelot Once Again – Gradatim to Vaulted Skies

Finding Camelot

Heaven is not reached at a single bound;
But we build the ladder by which we rise
From the lowly earth, to the vaulted skies,
And we mount to its summit round by round.

~Gradatim,   Josiah Gilbert Holland

Once upon a time, there lived a noble good King named   “King Arthur Pendragon”.    He ruled over a Golden Kingdom called “Camelot”.    With great courage and with a herte of the greatest compassion,   King Arthur wielded his sword to protect all under his care.

Those in the world,  who suffered, tried to find this hidden place.    But they sadly discovered it was not found on any parchment map.    The steps they learned were to follow the map within thy wounded herte.

Ride dear Knight Ride!     Under heaven’s blue cloth,   hold tight your companion’s reins and follow the ebb and flow of the land.

You shall hear hoofs of invisible horses close by your side, as you gallop o’er the dreaming earth.

Ride Brave-hearted Ride!    With your pennon held high.    Dost thou hear the trumpets speak?   Camelot is near.

Weary from the heat and toil of battle,   thou is hungry,  poor and weak.    You battle in a deep silence and almost do fall.    The Ancient Courage of the forest trees grasps your armour to strengthen thee.

At long last and over many leagues,  the faint silhouette of a castle opens to thee.   You ride forward too weak to see.    Only heaven’s strength can carry thee…….
to Camelot…….Gradatim

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

P.S.    We are riding once again….

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2 Responses to “Finding Camelot Once Again – Gradatim to Vaulted Skies”

  1. Lady Debra says:

    Dear Lady Sharon,
    The new site looks and reads wonderful. I admire you creativity and moreover your inspiring sensitivity to those of us in Camelot. Everyday, I ride knowing a faithful friend rides with me…
    Your humble servant,
    Lady Debra

  2. Lady Sharon says:

    Greetings Lady Debra,

    What an honor to see your words in Camelot. Lady Debra you were weaved from a loom of kindness.

    King Arthur wilcumes thee, dear friend, and asks you to sit down and get ready for the feast to celebrate our new Kingdom. You must be at the feast, as you are a treasured and loyal friend to Camelot.

    From the beginning you have shared your thoughts and encouraged this Kingdom by believing in it. I thanketh thee, a most trusted Knight of the Pain Table who truly knows how to find Camelot.

    I encourage all to visit your Kingdom at
    It is a beautiful ride among your words. I leave always your Kingdom with peace.

    Let us ride now towards the castle to celebrate the fellowship of The Knights of the Pain Table. May there be always the light of the castle to welcome you home.

    Thank you Lady Debra,

    Lady Sharon
    Grateful Scribe of Camelot