Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

The Bridge of Time is a Bridge of Love

“I stood on the bridge at midnight
As the clocks were striking the hour.”

~ The Bridge,  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Bridge

As turrets and towers stood tall in the distance, amidst the heavy grey mist, a weary warrior sees some light.  A journey,  tres difficile  pour  the Chevalier,    halts at  the side of an ancient bridge.

The hour is late as rider and horse approach the “Bridge of Time”,  where a plaque announces in pen and ink   “Heroes Live Here”.    I,    Scribe of Camelot,  meet the exhausted warrior  halfway and take their despondent hand.

We ride across to the other side and we gallop towards  the brilliant night.      Astride a mountain,   the castle appears,   bathed in gold and silver light.

Upon approach, the wrought iron gates doth open and the light beckons. thee  Camelot with mighty voices from the mountain and the sea,   sweeps you in as an old sacred friend, that has not been seen for ages.

All have now arrived in this Kingdom by the Sea.    My pen is out of breath,   as excitement stirs in me.

As stonemasons complete the castle’s strength,   blacksmiths sweat over fires.    Monks in habits,   peasants and Lords help the weak find their place of rest.

Amidst decorated chests,   knights unpack their swords,   shields,   armor and bows.  Minstrels play on their  lutes,   harps and horns attuned to the mirth.

Jugglers and Acrobats make the young Knights laugh.    Even the horses nibbled on sugar, as all creatures are not excluded from the love.

Tonight is  the Ceremony and the Grand Feast.  As the hour approaches,   a feest will begin in our New Camelot.   We are so grateful for “The Bridge of Time”.

Lady Sharon
Scribe for this Kingdom, Camelot

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