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Vitolio and Asuka Waltz with Enya in So You Think You Can Dance

Vitolio  and  Asuka

Dance is like a language that has a story to tell. When a dance speaks to us, the physical is harmonized with spiritual.  Sometimes when you watch a dance, it transcends time and you are brought into the story.

Now let Vitolio Jeune and Asuka Kondoh of “So You Think You Can Dance” lead you into a mystical moment in time.


The waltz was choreographed by Louis van Amstel.   We thank him for creating an ethereal vision.  We were swept away to that land.  The songstress is Enya and the song is “Dreams are More Precious”.

Vitolio and Asuka we love you.   You may have been voted off, but your waltz is frozen in time in our hearts.

Lady Sharon
Scribe for Camelot


Visit the Kingdom “So You Think You Can Dance”.

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