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Merlin on Merlin the TV Show – The Dragon’s Call – Season 1 Episode 01


The   Dragon’s  Call

It is a great honour to see the story of my youth cast upon screens across many Kingdoms.   From the BBC,  the series,  “Merlin”,  is a beautifully crafted TV show filmed in Wales and France.   It doth bring back so many memories for me.    There are some events, which may not follow the line of time, but I appreciate a good story, especially since it includes all my friends.  And I thinketh I was a rather a handsome looking lad. 

This will be required viewing for all those in Camelot University.  There are 13 episodes beginning with “The Dragon’s Call”, which recounts my arrival in Camelot.   Watch a preview for thee.

As I entered Camelot of Olde for the first time, a young man, Thomas Collins, was being executed for practising sorcery.    King Uther Pendragon, had banned sorcery in his Kingdom.    Mary, the mother of Thomas, who was at the execution,  swore vengeance on Uther for the murder of her son.  

I didst seek then, Uther’s court-physician, Gaius.  As soon as I met him, I knew he would watch over me.   He cleverly found out my secret, and warned me to tell no one. 

Uther ordered a festival in order to celebrate twenty years without magic in Camelot.  Mary, with evil intent,  decides to disguise herself as the singer, Lady Helen of Mora, to gain access to the King for the feast and celebration. 

In the meantime, I kept hearing this voice calling me and I soon found in a cave beneath the castle, a dragon who was imprisoned.  The Great Dragon didst speak to me.  He told me that I was destined to use my gifts to protect Arthur, son of King Uther Pendragon.  I did not know the great friendship that would develop between us.

That night Mary, in the guise of Helen,  sang to the King and weaved an enchantment to put the court to sleep.   I saw her about to kill Arthur with a dagger and I used my gift to halt the flying weapon.  Mary was destroyed and all were saved that night. 

I was rewarded for saving the Prince Arthur’s life by being made Arthur’s manservant. 

So began my destiny in Camelot.

So seek out thy magic box that shows this tale of mine. 

In the Kingdom of the US it can be viewed on NBC.
In the United Kingdom it can be viewed on BBC.
In the Kingdom of Canada it can be viewed on CTV

The episodes can also be viewed online in some locations.

So my dear friends we will meet again to talk about my enchanted tale.  I know many in Camelot will be drawn into my world of  enchantment.

Arthur’s Counsellor and Magician
University of Camelot

What didst we learn students of Camelot? 

Do not invite Mary to your next party as she sure knows how to kill the festive mood. 
When you hear a persistent voice within, listen.



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