Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

To Join Our Kingdoms and Our Hertes, Chivalry be Thy Armour

“Some say that the age of chivalry is past,
the spirit of romance is dead.
The age of chivalry is never past, so long as
there is a wrong left unredressed on earth.”

~  Charles Kingsley

Dear Feastful Friends,

This earth that rests your feet,   shall be thy refuge in times of war.    Wilcume, my loyal friends.    You are now home once more, in our Grand Camelot.    Upon this land a thousand thousand blessings.

Your Queen Guinevere and I ask you to take thy glass of sweet nectar to toast this sacred land,   that comforts wounded souls.

At times,  I thinketh my heart is one of the saddest of all earthly kings.    I see thee Knights that ride with Tragedy by their side.    In silence,  you battle a great force, the Darke Knyght, that can bring you to your broken knees.    I feel thy tears fall in my soul as each one of you doth suffer.

Yet mine eyes have more to see.    I see valour,  patience,  courage,  loyalty and love.    I see compassion for others,  as thee falls.   My herte is raised to a higher realm each time I see thee sacrifice for another soul.   The Painefull Warriors that grace our gates,   have my deepest respect, my admiration and my love.

Let us take one minute to remember those Warriors who now ride their horses among the clouds.    We pray most of all, that they are free from that pain.    May God watch over them always.

I, your King,   do not have much to offer,  but all I have,  shall be with thee.    I open my Kingdom to the ill,  the suffering, the poor and the weak.    I offer my understanding and my love.    I shall ride by your side in battles great.   I shall cleanse thy wounds to soothe the paine.    But most of all,   I shall be Watchman to thy Herte.

Let us embark on this new adventure with the passion and fire beneath our paine.  Our strength shall engulf the dark forces that blind our way.    To be lost and alone and in pain is too much fear for any heart to bear.

Come all my dearest friends;   break bread with your King and Queen.    We shall set Camelot alight with happiness.  Let now musik be….

King Arthur
King of Camelot

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