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Lawrence Beamen of America’s Got Talent Singeth Ol’Man River

Lawrence Beamen

I gets weary, and sick of trying
Im tired of livin, but Im scared of dyin
But ol man river, he just keeps rolin along

There are moments when a song finds a singer that was meant to take the words and music and reach into his soul to live the song.   Recently the song,  “Ol’ Man River”, from the musical  “Showboat”,  found a portal in a man named Lawrence Beamen on the American TV show,  ”America’s Got Talent”.

The song was originally written,  in 1927,  for Paul Robeson,  an African-American actor with a rich baritone voice.   The song uses the endless flow of the Mississippi River  as a metaphor for the struggles and suffering of the African American  at that time in history.    The song is sung by a dock worker,  named Joe,  as  he works by the river.    One can feel the rhythm of the river as he sings the words.

Listen to Paul Robeson’s original version in the movie “Showboat”.

Although the song is about despair it ends with an acceptance that no matter what happens ol’ man river will keep on rolling along.   That resilience in the face of hard times,   is what makes the song a classic  that continues to touch audiences throughout the decades.    It also has been covered beautifully  by Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland.

Lawrence Beamen captured the audience when he auditioned for “America’s Got Talent’.   Listen to his performance here.

He has now made it through to Hollywood to compete with the other top 40 acts.   We thinketh Lawrence is one of the best acts so we will watch to see his next performance.   Good luck Lawrence.    We love you because when you sing, we swept into a timeless place.

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