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Merlin on “Merlin” – “ Valiant” – Season 1 Episode 02



During the rule of   King Uther Pendragaon,  magic was not welcome in Camelot of Olde and could be punishable by death.   Hence,  I had to be careful.

Soon after I entered this grand Kingdom of Camelot,  the annual sword tournament didst begin.    Knights from many leagues arrived to partake in this battle of skills.   Knight Valiant was one of those Knights that was to compete.

The future king,  Prince Arthur,  was to enter the tournament also.   I,   being a devoted subject helped him practice.  He was at my mercy with my sword skills.   (OK,   I was at his mercy,   but at least he did not kill me.)

Whilst preparing the shields for the tournament,   I didst notice a shield with snakes that seemed to beckon to me.  Knight Valiant came upon me and was very upset that I was touching his shield.    I did not know at the time,  but that shield held magic snakes that could kill an opponent.

Gaius,  the court Physician,  had to tend to a Knight that had been defeated by Knight Valiant.    He found a snake bite on his body.     With some time,  I didst  realize that the shield held snakes that came alive with magic.

As Lady Morgana and Guinevere, looked upon the Knights fighting in the tournament,   it was announced that Prince Arthur and Knight Valiant  would fight in the finals the next day.

With my herte,   I tried to warn of the threat,  but unfortunately I lost the trust of Prince Arthur.     I knew to protect Arthur I would have to use magic,   so the struggle within me began, as I faced death by certain actions.

But I didst remember,  if one is in a conflicting situation, that is when one must seeketh out The Great Dragon in the cave.     In the words of the Dragon,   one can find their true destiny.    The Great Dragon told me that my destiny was entwined with Arthur’s.    Hence,    I acted with my herte and saved the life of Prince Arthur.  (Of course,  as usual,   Prince Arthur had no idea of my gift of magic.)

On the morrow will be another tale for thee.

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Arthur’s Counsellor and Magician
University of Camelot

What didst we learn today students of Camelot?

A true Knight,  like Prince Arthur,  will face certain death with courage,  even if the game is not fair.   His duty to his people comes first.

Sometimes one must use unorthodox methods in order to uphold honour and kindness.



Merlin on Merlin the TV Show – The Dragon’s Call –  Season 1  Episode 01

Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan  is the young actor that plays Merlin in the BBC TV Series “Merlin”.  Born in Armagh,  Northern Ireland,  he graduated from  the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2007.     We thinketh that he was born to play young Merlin.   With his curious eyes,  quirky humour and a deep sort of magnetism, he captivates his audience.

Listen to Colin, with his Irish charm discuss his role in Merlin.

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