Knights of the Pain Table

A Camelot for Sufferers of Chronic Pain

Staffordshire Hoard of Gold Hath Been Found from the Dark Ages

| September 29, 2009

One day in July, Terry Herbert, a metal-detecting enthusiast,  was searching in the fields of Staffordshire, England,  with his metal detector.   He came upon some gold and silver pieces buried in the ground.   Thus began the saga of the UK’s largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure,  consisting of 1,500 objects almost entirely of precious metal. Kevin […]

Dalai Lama Speaketh of Compassion at the Vancouver Peace Summit

| September 28, 2009

Compassion The Dalai Lama, the Buddist monk and exiled Tibetan spiritual leader,  spoke yesterday at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit (Vancouver, BC, Canada).   The three-day conference consists of bringing together, Nobel Peace Prize winners and spiritual, corporate and social peace activists together for discussions about peace. Yesterday the Dalai Lama spoke to thousands at the […]

Susan Boyle’s First Single “Wild Horses” Cannot Drag Us Away

| September 28, 2009

“My heart is like a singing bird.” ~Christina Georgina Rossetti Susan Boyle’s heart is like a singing bird that sings in a key our hearts only hear.  People all over the whole world were moved by her first audition on the talent show “Britian’s Got Talent”.   She sang  “I Dreamed a Dream”, and suddenly her […]

The Golden Age of Radio Mastered the “Theatre of the Mind”

| September 26, 2009

Old Time Radio There was a time when the radio shined into the doorways of almost every home, carrying the best of news and entertainment.  This Golden Age of Radio took place from the early years of radio in the early 1920’s till the 1950’s,  when television arrived on the scene. Old Time Radio (OTR) […]

Kevin Skinner Conquers “America’s Got Talent”

| September 22, 2009

America’s Got Talent With many talented singers in the finals of the TV Show  “America’s Got Talent”,  it was Kevin Skinner who won the hearts of the people.   Kevin’s first audition was one of the most emotional heartfelt auditions that we have ever seen.   I think the viewers and judges did not forget that first […]

Medieval Lesson 104 – Pendragon

| September 21, 2009

Pendragon  B Greetings Students today we are discovering the origin of the word “Pendragon”. Pen Brythonic (Brittonic languages or British languages ) for “head;” It was common in place names in Cornwall and Wales. Dragon c.1220   From Old French “dragon”, from Latin “draconem” (nom. Draco) serpent, dragon, and Old Welsh “dragwn” dragon.  Also from Greek […]

A True Story of Two Hearts – Hannah Clark Saved by a Noble Heart

| September 15, 2009

“A love-sick heart dies when the heart is whole, For all the heart’s health is to be sick with love.” ~The Garden of Bright Waters From the Hindustani of Miyan Jagnu (eighteenth century) Translated by Edward Powys Mathers This is a story of two hearts.  The Daily Mail in the UK, reported this amazing story […]