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Dalai Lama Speaketh of Compassion at the Vancouver Peace Summit

| September 28, 2009

Compassion The Dalai Lama, the Buddist monk and exiled Tibetan spiritual leader,  spoke yesterday at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit (Vancouver, BC, Canada).   The three-day conference consists of bringing together, Nobel Peace Prize winners and spiritual, corporate and social peace activists together for discussions about peace. Yesterday the Dalai Lama spoke to thousands at the […]

Susan Boyle’s First Single “Wild Horses” Cannot Drag Us Away

| September 28, 2009

“My heart is like a singing bird.” ~Christina Georgina Rossetti Susan Boyle’s heart is like a singing bird that sings in a key our hearts only hear.  People all over the whole world were moved by her first audition on the talent show “Britian’s Got Talent”.   She sang  “I Dreamed a Dream”, and suddenly her […]