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Staffordshire Hoard of Gold Hath Been Found from the Dark Ages

One day in July, Terry Herbert, a metal-detecting enthusiast,  was searching in the fields of Staffordshire, England,  with his metal detector.   He came upon some gold and silver pieces buried in the ground.   Thus began the saga of the UK’s largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure,  consisting of 1,500 objects almost entirely of precious metal.

Kevin Leahy,  National Finds Adviser from the Portable Antiquities Scheme,  is an expert in early medieval metalwork and Saxon craftsmanship.   He has begun to catalogue the “Staffordshire Hoard”.

The items are apparently of exceptionally high quality.  The best Anglo-Saxon metalworkers were involved in creating these objects.  The vast majority of the treasures are martial-war gear, especially sword fittings and nothing feminine was found. (for example,  pendants).    A strip of gold bearing a Biblical inscription in Latin is one fascinating finds.

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The “Dark Ages” used to denote the period between the fall of Rome and the “Renaissance”, similar to the Middle Ages.  It was thought to be a period of cultural decline or societal collapse.   However,  scholars are now challenging that image of the Middle Ages due to new discoveries of accomplishments during that period.  This hoard further demonstrates that brilliant objects were being produced in Britain at that time.

We are elated about this worthy find.  All in Camelot doth know that the Dark Ages didst glisten with a special lyght, especially this fairest land.   King Arthur holds the secret of the Hoard and shall now speaketh to thee.

During those times, the most popular Medieval Reality Show was  “Dauncing with the Kyngs”.  It was a sort of eisteddfod for those who daunced.   When the show didst stop,  the costume department probably left all the leftover costume pieces behind and they didst lay there till Terry arrived one day in the year 2009.   I shall really be excited when they findeth the mirror ball trophy that I didst win for the Cha Cha on  “Dauncing with the Kyngs”.

We shall be merry tonight in Camelot with mead, as we celebrate this symbol of enlightenment.

Lady Sharon
midst all in Camelot tonight

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