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Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough’s Futuristic Paso Doble on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

We loveth when entertainers transcend time to fuse music,  dance or other art forms.    This week Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough,   who were starring on the TV show,    “Dancing With the Stars”,   had the lowest audience votes,   so they had to leave the competition.    But,  we think their Paso Doble last week was one of the most memorable dances ever on   “Dancing With the Stars”.

The Paso Doble is a Spanish style dance, which originally developed in France.   The dance style shares similar characteristics with the flamenco.   It is usually strictly choreographed.     The leader of the dance is the bullfighter,   while the other dancer imitates the cape of the bullfighter.    It is often danced to traditional bull-fighting music,   which has a kind of marching rhythm.

Derek Hough was given the assignment to choreograph a Paso Doble that would be futuristic for the show.    The result was a brilliant original piece of dance that wowed the audience last week.   Watch Joanna Krupa,    a Polish-American Model/Actress,    and Derek Hough,   her professional dance partner,   perform the Paso Doble to the song  “Living on Video”  by Trans-X.    Joanna performed amazingly during this dance.

Traveling in a light beam
Laser rays and purple skies.
In a computer fairyland
It is a dream you bring to life.

~ Lyrics from Living on Video

Queen Guinevere loved Joanna’s armour dress so much,    our Queen has requested that this dress be one of the designs for the armour for Lady Knights in Camelot.

We thank Derek and Joanna for striving for excellence in their routines.    This was a memorable dance that transfixed the audience, and we shall miss you both.     Also thank you Joanna for caring about animals and fighting to stop the great suffering of animals that are killed each year for their fur.     We bow to your compassion.

Lady Sharon
Flying through hyper-space
In a computer interface.

Trans-X is a Canadian 1980s dance band best known for their hit song   “Living on Video”.     Trans-X was founded in 1984 by Pascal Languirand in Montreal, Canada.     The group’s first LP  was   “Living on Video”,    which was an instant hit in Canada.     Once released,   the song then sold over one million copies around the world.   This song was considered Hi-NRG   (High Energy),   which is high-tempo disco music (often with electronic instrumentation ). Visit Trans-X Official Website.

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