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The Silent City from “The Whistler” Old Time Radio Program 1948

The Silent City – The Whistler

“There is a city we see and the city we hear and the silent city of terror. There is the crying gargoyle that lies behind the laughing face of the silent city.    There is frustration here for the big and small.”

These are the beginning words of a new novel,    “The Silent City”,    by Mary Jordan, which has been submitted to the publishers for review.    George who works at the publishers, reads this manuscript,  and is awed by its brilliance.    But George is consumed with envy.    These are the words he should have written.    He should have been a successful author by now.     In a web of envy and greed, he begins to step into a world of deception that may end in  “Murder”!

Listen to “The Silent City”  by The Whistler

We think the opening to this episode is beautifully written.

And let that whistle be your signal for the Signal Oil program   “The Whistler”.

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot who knows many things for I walk by night

The Silent City – The Whistler – April 21, 1948

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