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Quote of the Day by Amanda Lindhout, Canadian Journalist Freed From Captivity

Quote by Amanda Lindhout

“So, basically, my day was sitting on a corner, on the floor, 24 hours a day for the last 15 months. There were times that I was beaten, that I was tortured.   It was an extremely, extremely difficult situation…….In that darkness,  I would just try to escape in my mind to a sunny place, usually Vancouver — in my mind — I would imagine running around Stanley Park and things like that, and that kept me going……I think human beings have an enormous capacity to adjust to trying circumstances and it was the idea of coming home, a reunion with my family, that kept me going.”

~Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout speaking to CTV New Channel, after being freed for a few hours, after 15 months of captivity in Somalia

Amanda Lindhout, originally from Sylvan Lake,  Alta.,  Canada, and Nigel Brennan,  a freelance photographer from Australia,  had been missing since August 23, 2008,  when they were kidnapped near Mogadishu,  the capital city in Somalia.   They were on their way to research a story about some IDTs  ( the internally-displaced people)  when their vehicle was ambushed.

Amanda Lindhout said she was beaten and tortured while in captivity.   To survive she was able to find her “Camelot” amidst the isolation, pain and darkness.   We are thankful that both Amanda and Nigel were able to survive and are now reunited with their families.

Amanda said she plans, when she returns home, to re-evaluate her whole life.  This experiences may have given her a new way to see the world.

May all those who are in a type of captivity,   be guided towards the gates of Camelot to protect them in times of great peril.

With Gratefulness,

Lady Sharon
Knight in Camelot

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