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Kathryn and Legacy’s Chemistry is So Deep on So You Think You Can Dance

Kathryn and Legacy and Sonya

This week on the TV show,  “So You Think You Can Dance”,   two of our favourite dancers,   Kathryn McCormick and Legacy Perez,   performed an artistic piece of Jazz choreography that highlighted their beauty as dancers.

Sonya Tayeh,  an American dancer and choreographer,  created their dance this week,  with her original signature.    Like a ménage of different paints,   the two dancers stroked the floor with their bodies.   A synchronicity played between them with strength and attraction.

Sonya’s vision for the dance originated with the idea about a man who quivers every time he sees his lady.   The music for the piece was   “So Deep”   by Hot Chip, w  hich had an offbeat rhythm.    Kathryn and Legacy seemed to ride on the notes.   There is compassion between them that sets them apart.   They remind us of Nico Archambault  and Arassay Reyesin  on the sister show  “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”.   You love to watch them dance together.

On this pivotal night,  the show was looking for the best 10 dancers, to be part of the Top 10.    Luckily Kathryn and Legacy made it through.    However,  next week they may have new partners.

Legacy we love your passion and your beating herte.     Kathryn we love the beauty  and gentleness in your dance.    Thank you for sharing your talents with us.    Dance forth with your hertes.

Lady Sharon
And all the Lovers of Dance in Camelot

Watch Kathryn and Legacy dance about a young woman with Fear.
Hot Chip are a Grammy-nominated British electropop band.   Visit their MySpace page.
Visit the Official Site for So You Think You Can Dance

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