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Patrick Stewart of Star Trek Suffered Domestic Violence as a Child and Found Refuge

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“As a child I witnessed his ( his Father’s) repeated violence against my mother, and the terror and misery he caused was such that, if I felt I could have succeeded, I would have killed him……..I witnessed terrible things, which I knew were wrong, but there was nowhere to go for help……. I managed to find my own refuge in acting. The stage was a far safer place for me than anything I had to live through at home – it offered escape. I could be someone else, in another place, in another time…..”

~Patrick Stewart

As a child,   Patrick Stewart witnessed his Father’s repeated violence against his defenseless Mother and no one seemed to help.   Living in that world of violence,  danger and humiliation,  he had to find a place where he felt safe and not alone.   He must have been very strong to survive and to find his Camelot in acting,   where he could transcend place and time.    Even a child understands that violence is not right and the world should be a kind and compassionate place.

Patrick Stewart, is a brilliant English film, television and stage actor,  who has had an illustrious career. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek:  The Next Generation,   he made the role so memorable, bringing such nobility and compassion to his character.    As one of my all time favorite actors,     I am so proud that he has taken the pain he has endured and forged it into a shield to protect others who suffer from domestic abuse.

His childhood experiences have led him to become patron of Refuge,   a UK charity for battered women.   In 2006,   he also made a short video against violence for Amnesty International,  in which he recollected his father’s physical attacks on his mother and the effect it had on him as a child.   He is a Knight that has used chivalry to survive his childhood horror.

So many suffer in silence over and over in their own homes.   The saddest part is the shame that intensifies the pain.    We pray that those who are being abused find the strength to find help,   so that the children do not have to suffer anymore.

Refuge is a place of support for woman and children who are experiencing domestic violence based in the UK.

We thank Patrick for giving us his great gift that helps us find our Camelots.

With gratitude,

Lady Sharon
Scribe of Camelot

Read Patrick’s poignant story at
Refuge Website

Megan Smith from wrote a moving post about Patrick Stewart.     Megan  has included  a poignant video  of Patrick Stewart discussing his helplessness as a child watching his Mother being abused by his Father and how all those around let it happen.   He filmed this for Amnesty International and I highly recommend it.

View Patrick Stewart discussing Domestic Violence. Thank you Megan for writing with the pen of your herte.

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